11 Thoughts College Students Have Returning From Break

Being back at school can be a bittersweet feeling. You get to see all your friends again, but you also have classes and homework after being off for a month. It can be hard to readjust after being gone for that long, and I can think of no people better to explain the feelings of being back than the cast of my current Netflix guilty pleasure: "Gossip Girl."

1. Remembering you have a 7:45 a.m. class.

You have a 7:45 a.m. class, and now you have to try to accept it or at least act like you've accepted it.

2. Figuring out what to wear.

That first week back, you put your best effort in, making sure you look fierce before you break out the sweatpants and hoodies.

3. Meeting new people.

The usual first day ice-breakers—tell the class your name, your major, and one "fun fact" about you.

4. Finding the perfect unassigned assigned seat.

You pick a seat on the first day, and you stay there. Don't take someone's seat, it's just an unspoken rule.

5. What is all this chapter one nonsense?

I thought the first day was all syllabus—what's this chapter one on the first day?

6. I hope my professors aren't crazy this semester.

There is only room for one crazy person on campus, and you've found her.

7. More Netflix and chill.

And by Netflix and chill, I mean Netflix and pizza with friends. The more pizza the better.

8. Return of the bikers.

Be sure to check your blind spot before walking across the sidewalk, or you will be taken out by a bike. I've seen it happen.

9. Is this week over yet?

The first week always seems so long, but the weekend is coming.

10. Best friends together again.

When you've been away from your friends for a month, there are a lot of secrets that you have to share. Some that you may want to stay secrets.

11. The weekend.

You did it—you made it to the weekend. Now it's time to let loose, and let out your inner Regina.

It's going to be a long semester, so buckle down and get ready. It's going to be interesting.

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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