With six people in my family, there is always something going on. There is literally never a dull moment — when I say never, I mean never! When I was growing up, there was always someone to play with and if one of my brothers made me mad I always had my sister and my other brother to hang out with. Four kids sounds like a lot to some people, but I can’t imagine it any other way.

1. Someone will always eat your favorite cereal and not leave you any milk

My brother eats it right out of the box for every snack and he snacks a lot, so I'll be lucky to even get a bowl.

2. You’re never bored

Whether someone is joking around with you or little brother wants to ride bikes, there’s never a “mom I’m so bored!!!” Every day is a play date. If you were in my family, there were enough kids to start your own band. (Shout out to TX4!)

3. When you were younger, hide and go seek was the go to game

Our babysitters probably hated us because we could all play for hours, well until someone got scared because my sister Gracie jumped out of her hiding stop.

4. You fight over who’s the favorite

The youngest is always called the baby and they get everything they want, but we all know the oldest is always the favorite.

5. Your siblings will try to get in on your gift-giving

It’s Christmas, Carson and I spent all our money on dumb sh*t so we try to just put our names on Gracie’s gift to mom.

6. There’s always a fight about chores

Your brothers never clean the bathroom and you ALWAYS have to do the laundry.

7. You learn to share (sort of)

My sister and I had many fights when I was in high school because I would steal her clothes. I miss her closet as much as I miss her sometimes.

8. When your mom goes grocery shopping she comes home with a carload

Refer to number one because I whined to mom and told her Wyatt ate all my Mini Wheats. My parents' literally meal prep to pack school lunches and I’m never surprised if there are two carts at the grocery store. When I was a kid my dad would take all of us to CiCi’s for all you can eat pizza when my mom was gone.

10. Car rides and road trips are eventful

Someone is always complaining because they don’t have enough leg room or someone's arm is touching them and it’s usually me.

11. Your mom does laundry every day

Whether it’s baseball pants or because I wear two outfits a day, the laundry basket is always full.

It feels weird to be living away from my family now that I’m in college. I get sad when I think about all the exciting things I’m missing and it’s weird to think that my youngest brother is only 12 and he still has so much to go through. I miss the family dinners, I miss us all joking around and picking on my dad. I even miss the fights sometimes because we disagree like all families do, but there was never a night where I went to bed without telling everyone I loved them after an argument. I love you, Ocock freakin’ squad.