Do any of you have a name that is super easy to make jokes on? Well I do. Primarily, because I share my name with a popular season…Summer. Every day of my life at least one person has found a reason to make some crappy joke about how my name is Summer and feel obligated to laugh because you think you’re so clever. Honestly, it’s getting really old. So here’s a list of jokes and things that aren’t as funny or clever as you think.

1. Have you ever seen *insert movie title that has something to do with summer*?

I don’t automatically watch every movie that has to do with Summer. That’s not a thing.

2. *Starts singing song about summer* Have you heard that song?

I would prefer you not to serenade me if, you know, you can’t sing. Besides, not all songs with my name in them are actually good.

3. You should watch it/listen to it.

I’d rather not. If I wanted to, I would have already. How about suggesting something that has nothing to do with my name?

4. Does your name change every 3-4 months?

This was probably the best joke I’ve heard. Honestly. I’ve only heard it once and it actually made me think and I let out a real laugh.

5. (during attendance) Teacher: Spring? Winter? Fall? Summer?

So not original. Oh and thank you for calling attention to me. Talk about embarrassing.

6. Hey *insert other season here*!

Clever. So Clever.

7. If you were born in the Fall, then why is your name Summer?

Please stop.

8. Why did your mom name you Summer?

I don’t know. What made your mom choose your name? Because she liked it maybe?

9. Is it because she wanted her Summer all year long?

While this is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever heard…It’s not that deep. There’s not a reason for everything.

10. Nobody likes a short Summer.

Oh I get it. You combined insulting my name with insulting my height. Nice. You probably thought real hard on that one.

11. Hey Summer *insert word here*

Summer Breeze. Summer Rain. Summer Anything. It's old.

I’ve heard your jokes before so please stop making them. They’re not funny and they’re not clever. They’re just annoying and I’m sick of pretending to laugh.