11 Things You Know Too Well If You Wear Makeup
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11 Things You Know Too Well If You Wear Makeup

No matter how much or how little you wear, we all run into these dilemmas.

11 Things You Know Too Well If You Wear Makeup
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Makeup is amazing to say the least; it is a creative outlet that lets you be who ever you want to be. Whether you cake it on or go for natural coverage, we all deal with the same issues that makeup brings. Just like with boys, we love it, hate it and definitely can not live with out it.

1. You either go full beat glam, or nothing at all.

Either you want to go all out and do your full routine, or you don't want to even touch a product. There's no in between. It is always zero or 105 percent.

2. Your "natural" look somehow always turns dramatic.

You plan on doing something simple, quick and easy but an hour later you have somehow created a dark, smokey eye with a thick, dark wing to go to brunch with the girls -- and you're running late.

3. Going to a makeup store with or without makeup on can be nerve wracking.

No matter what you do or don't have on your face, you feel judge. They either think you are an amateur who doesn't know how to do makeup, or you feel that they think you didn't do a good job with your liner. However, facing the makeup gods to spurge is some how worth it.

4. When you tell yourself, "I am just going to look around."

I know, you know, your mom knows, your cat knows, we all know, you are not going to just look. One thing will lead to another, and you will be hundreds of dollars broker but have more makeup you probably didn't need.

5. Somehow, makeup always ends up on your clothes.

You try as hard as you possibly can, but somehow foundation has found its way to your collar or yesterday's lipstick has appeared on your today's sleeve. Makeup is has a gravitational pull to your clothing stronger than you could ever stop. It may wash off your face, but it will never totally come out of that shirt.

6. When you go out with no makeup and you get told. "You look tired."

Can we just stop with telling each other we look tired? "Looking tired" can not be cute in any way. And no, I'm not tired, my face just isn't naturally all one even complexion.

7. When you forget about your makeup and rub your face.

The moment your fingers touch your mascara-coated lashes, it is too late. The moment you smear that bright red lipstick down your chin, there is no turning back. You have smeared and smudged your masterpiece and there's no fixing it. Chances are you are only halfway through your day and you have to live out the rest of your day with you betrayal.

8. When you try to follow a Youtube tutorial.

You start off strong and confident. You follow every step and when you think you're done, you ake step back and you're horrified with the attempt because it looks nothing like the goal and you are confused on how you got to that dark end.

9. When you think a brush is clean, and it is definitely not.

You are on to one of the final steps of your face and you pick up a brush to bronze, forgetting you used black on it the other day, and sweep it across your forehead. You have now become Simba and no blending can save you now.

10. When boys accuse you of "false advertisement."

Who knew that people thought our eyelids were naturally gold and black, our cheek bones were metallic, our lips red and our eye lashes touched our eyebrows?

11. When you are hot and you know it.

Yep, I made that master piece and I totally rock it.

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