11 Things You Haven't Thanked Your Best Friend For
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11 Things You Haven't Thanked Your Best Friend For

I am so glad you're my best friend. Thank you.

11 Things You Haven't Thanked Your Best Friend For

1. Thank you for always being there.

College is tough. I know you are always willing to listen to me and hear about my shenanigans no matter how weird they might be. You laugh at my jokes and we just get to be hilarious together, which is definitely rare.

2. Thank you for listening when you have other things to do.

I know that we are busy. I know you are taking more classes than me. (Let’s face it, I wouldn’t be in college anymore if I was taking as much as you, but you manage just fine.) Somehow, we always find the time to talk about life and what problems we might be facing. I really can’t thank you enough for that.

3. Thank you for loving me for who I am.

I am probably the weirdest person I know, besides my sister. So, to know that you love me for my weirdness and awkwardness makes me feel really great. I love that we can be weird together and it seems like the most normal thing in the world.

4. Thank you for choosing to take on life with me.

You chose me. When we became best friends, you chose to do this crazy, fun, insanity filled life. I know that sometimes we are on different schedules and we might not see each other that much, but we are in this life together. After all the years that we have been friends, psychology says you’ll be stuck with me forever. Aren’t you lucky?

5. Thank you for encouraging me in my walk with God.

It encourages me so much to know that I have a best friend that I can literally talk about anything to, especially the touchy topic of religious beliefs. In our case – our relationship with God. I know that you know your bible. It’s comforting to know that we can always talk about it and pray about it. Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone where God can use me.

6.Thank you for letting me know there’s always room at your house

Anytime I am going through something tough or just need to watch a sad movie and eat popcorn and peanut m&m’s, I know that I am welcome there. I know if I needed that, you wouldn’t let me down.

7. Thank you for knowing me and understanding my ways.

We have known each other for a while now. You know my quirks, my problems, my strengths, my weaknesses, and even what kind of guys I like. You understand me better than a lot of people. I completely appreciate that. I know I sound like a jerk a good 79% of the time, but I promise, I’m trying to be nicer.

8. Thank you for spontaneous coffee, movie, and tennis dates.

If it wasn’t for your randomness, I would live my life by the schedule, which is totally boring and sounds like I’m 55. This is the part I love the most. We do things on a whim and remember all these adventures for later.

9. Thank you for not letting life push us apart.

Life has a habit of pushing people apart that should be together. I am glad we have stuck together through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

10. Thank you for telling me that it’s okay to cry it out when I constantly push away my emotions

I have a habit of not crying even when I am sad. I also have a habit of walking away when I get angry and then complaining about it later. Thanks for always reminding me that it’s okay to cry. Sometimes, I need that simple reminder.

11. Thanks for being my best friend.

I am so glad that you’re my best friend. I love you so much.


Have a great week.


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