11 Things You Inevitably Do When You Reunite With Your Friends From Home
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11 Things You Inevitably Do When You Reunite With Your Friends From Home

Home is where my best friends are.

11 Things You Inevitably Do When You Reunite With Your Friends From Home
Jenna Pizzi

While winter break means saying goodbye to your school friends, it also means saying hello to your home friends. They are the people who have been by your side through your awkward stage, pointless high school boy drama, major college decisions and other eventful obstacles that you've faced.

Through it all, they were still willing to be seen with you in public. I couldn't be more thankful for my group who will always know more about me than I do.

1. Discuss the boys at school

Oh, you know I want every detail from every night. If there isn't a part of the story about how you mentioned me, then, of course, I will be annoyed. I'm your best friend so he better know about me.

2. Share the information you all have about people from high school

"So did you hear about how Molly and Jake broke up...."

3. Gossip about the drama at school

Hearing about all of the drama we all deal with makes me feel a little better that it's not just me. (Sometimes, a little grateful that mine isn't as bad as theirs.)

4. Update them about your family

Considering we all lived at each others' houses growing up, yes, I would love to know how Cassie's mom is sick and how Anna's mom is going away for work.

5. Talk about the classes you almost failed

I might be laughing now, but you should have seen me during finals week.

6. Repeat how good it is to be home

About every five minutes we all need to appreciate the fact that after months of being apart, we are finally together again.

7. Exchange embarrassing stories about night outs at school

This might be cringe-worthy, but they have to know what happened on that Thursday night when...

8. Drive around your town with the music blasting

This will never get old.

9. Go to your favorite lunch spot

It's a holiday vacation so I think it's acceptable to indulge.

10. Reminisce about high school when you were all together

From Friday night football games to "homework" sessions after school. Sometimes, I wish we could just go back and never grow up.

11. Hold on tight

Please, can we not go back.

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