11 Things To Do While Waiting For 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child'
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11 Things To Do While Waiting For 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child'

July 31 can't come fast enough.

11 Things To Do While Waiting For 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child'

If you're anything like me, news about the "Harry Potter" saga never fails to make you happy. Pottermore had me ecstatic and I can barely control myself waiting for "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." As an American, finally getting to know what our wizarding culture is like is utterly thrilling. But first we have another huge information drop, a brand new tale involving Harry and our favorite oddly named child of his, debuting July 30, 2016.

"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" picks up where the epilogue leaves us, nineteen years later (2017). Except it's not really book eight, because it's a play. And in traditional J.K. Rowling style, it's a rather long play. It's in two parts, designed to be seen as a matinee and evening or two consecutive evenings.

Fortunately for me and everyone else who can't get to London and has no hope of getting tickets any time soon, it's also being released as a script book on July 31st. Here are 11 things to do while you wait to get your hands on it.

1. Re-read the books for the 392nd time.

Brush up on your Potter-knowledge, because you know the smallest details from the books are going to end up mattering the most here. Want to add a new spin? Read them in another language. Or try to. It's hard.

2. Watch the movies.

They might not be quite as good as the books, but they were done well for the most part. And the music is absolutely beautiful.

3. Make your own wand!

Don't want to spend a ton of money buying one of the replicas? Try making your own with some paper and hot glue using this tutorial.

4. Pre-order your copy.

It's more than two weeks before the script book is released and "Cursed Child" is already number 1 on the B&N 100. Don't let your bookstore run out! Get a copy shipped straight to you or reserve a copy you can buy or pick up in store.

5. See if there's a release party near you.

Release parties are a fantastic way to meet and interact with fans of all ages. It's also a great excuse to dress up in costume, since costume contests are often a feature. Barnes and Noble stores all over the country are having parties, which you can find here, and other local bookshops probably are as well.

6. Visit Pottermore.com.

Welcome to Potterhead heaven. Find all the details you could ever have wanted, like the names of James Potter's parents, and the map of the world's wizarding schools that makes me think Durmstrang is near Saint Petersburg, Russia.

7. Make some Potter-themed snacks to eat while you read.

Because what could be better than having some treacle tart or Cornish pasties to munch on while you devour "Cursed Child" (or any of the other books?

8. Get a little philosophical.

You could use the internet, because some of the theories I've read are pretty incredible, or you could get "The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy" to find out what happens when muggle philosophers attempt to apply their theories to J.K. Rowling's interpretation of souls, and more.

9. Plan a Post-"Cursed Child" Gathering.

Be real, you're going to need to break down what you just read. Give yourself a few days to consume it (or at least to consume it and then sleep), and then have some friends over to discuss the new big evil we never saw coming.

10. Paint your feelings

With all the nostalgia all of this will have drummed up, take some of it out and make yourself your very own "Harry Potter"-themed photo-frame or painting. Celebrate your favorite book... or all of them.

11. Make your predictions.

Go ahead and write what you think is going to happen on an index card. See how much you got wrong (or right!) after you finish.

Happy reading!

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