Things You Know To Be True If Your Name Is Abby With A 'Y'

11 Things You Know To Be True If Your Name Is Abby With A 'Y'

Yes, I spell my name the right way.

Venice Buhain

The name, Abby, is one of the most common names in America. Odds are, you probably know more than one because it's something you just can't simply escape from. So, if your is Abby and you spell it the correct way, you can probably relate to more than one of these truths:

Your name is not Abbie or Abbey. 

I don't spell my name the wrong way.

You've probably never had your name spelled wrong on a Starbucks cup. 

Because everyone knows Abby with a Y is the way to spell it.

Yes, Abby is short for Abigail. 

Get over it.

You were almost always at the front of the line in elementary school if your teacher categorized you by your first name. 

By far, the best perk.

Making acrostics with your name was a piece of cake. 

It's only four letters after all.

You've probably had the nickname Abby-Cadabby.

Just like the Sesame Street character.

You've also probably been called "Abbs" at more than one point in your life.

Probably my least favorite, not gonna lie.

There's always been more than one Abby in your class/grade. 

So you were called upon by your first name and last initial.

You've probably gotten into an argument with other Abby's about who spells their name the correct way. 

Even though you know you're always right.

 You agree with the urban dictionary definition of your name on a whole new level. 

If this isn't me....

 Once again, it's Abby with a y, not "ie" or "ey." 

Just to reiterate.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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