11 Things To Be Thankful For

11 Things To Be Thankful For

Things that aren’t as apparent in our lives, but things that life would undoubtedly be different without.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect upon our many blessings, all the wonderful things and people we have in our lives, and express our gratitude for those things and people. As we do, our minds tend to go first to the more obvious blessings—the family we’re surrounded by, the meal on the table and the roof over our heads. But there are also smaller, subtler things we may forget about—things that aren’t as apparent in our lives, but things that life would undoubtedly be different without. Here are 11 things to add to your list of thanks this holiday season:

1. Your college education

No matter how stressful your classes may get, at the end of the day, know that you’re fortunate enough to be studying what you love at an institute of higher learning, setting the course of your future and working toward a degree that will open many doors.

2. Your dining hall staff

The food served in your dining hall may not come close to the hearty casseroles your relatives cook for the holiday celebrations, but what matters is that the staff provide meals every day for thousands of students, ensuring that no one goes hungry. They don’t get enough credit.

3. Your favorite movies, songs and books

They add color to your life and, in some small way, they’ve become part of who you are.

4. Clean drinking water

So simple, yet so easy to take for granted.

5. Employees who always greet you warmly and tell you to have a nice day

Even during the holiday shopping season, which can be the most exhausting and draining time of the year, these people still keep in mind the power of kindness.

6. Hugs

It’s pretty amazing how we can instantly lift one another’s spirits by wrapping them in warm, comforting arms.

7. Caffeine

How else would we stay awake and alert during seemingly endless lectures and pull all-night study sessions during finals?

8. The tough times in your past

They’ve made you stronger, wiser and more resilient, and taught you valuable lessons.

9. Your pets

They think the world of you no matter what, and they’re always there for you, brightening up your day with their adorableness.

10. The beauty of nature

Pretty amazing world we live in. There is always beauty all around us.

11. And last but certainly not least - People who work tirelessly to protect and save the lives of others, and sacrifice time with their families during the holidays to do so. Firefighters, paramedics, police officers, doctors, and of course, the men and women of our armed forces—we thank you.

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5 Realistic New Year's Resolutions You Won't Break

If you're looking for some NEW New Year's resolutions, look no further.

It's that time of the year again. It's New Year's resolution time. Yes, it is well into the new year by now, but you probably broke all your resolutions like 3 days in. So if you're looking for some new New Year's resolutions, look no further.

1. Buy one less latte a week.

We all love coffee that isn't brewed at home, but it takes its toll on the bank account. By cutting back on one a week, that's $4 more in your pocket, and multiply that by 50 (since we're already into the new year of course), that's $200 in your pocket. That money can be put to good use, like buying a Keurig to make more coffee at home.

2. Be sure to accomplish one thing each day.

Everyone loves the feeling of accomplishing something, so why not have that feeling every day? Doesn't matter how big or small your task is. You finally folded your laundry? That deserves a high five. You applied for a job? Congrats, man! Just find at least one thing to do and DO IT each day.

3. Read more.

Reading doesn't always mean reading a full-length novel. Don't read the news enough? Start doing that! Or if you're a student and are always reading things you don't want to, like boring textbooks, start reading for yourself this year.

4. Take more naps.

The best way to be productive? Being well-rested! And you're not well-rested unless you take naps! The key thing is to take power naps since you don't have all day to sleep. You gotta be productive in the new year!

5. Show more kindness.

Text your homies saying you got home safely. Text your mom randomly that you love her. Tip a waiter a bit more than usual. Spread love in this crazy messed up world that we live in.

These will be a piece of cake compared to the ones you (probably) already broke! Get to it!

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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To MLK, From A White Millennial Female

Thank you for having the best interests of everyone around you at heart.

Dear Dr. King,

You don't know me. In fact, our lives were separated by over 30 years. Almost half a century after your death, though, I somehow still see evidence of your life everywhere around me.

So, I wanted to write to thank you.

I considered not writing this because I kept thinking about how many people would consider the voice of a teenage, white, millennial (I know, it just keeps getting worse, right?) girl irrelevant.

But then I realized how ridiculous that would've been because I remembered a huge part of what your life and message were all about — about the validity and importance of every voice, every life, no matter how society dismisses them.

So, thank you. Thank you for your unflinching honesty in facing the issues of your day and your unwavering commitment to leave the world a better place than when you entered it.

Thank you for confronting and exposing the apathy and hypocrisy of the White Church, in particular.

Thank you for having the best interests of everyone around you at heart. Thank you for not giving into the fierce and brutal opposition, for not taking the easy way out, for not leaving the seemingly insurmountable task of winning freedom for all to another generation.

Thank you for setting an example with all your actions and words. Every time I try to put myself in your shoes, I struggle to imagine the frustration at a lack of change and the bitterness over the past not boiling over into violence and rage.

Thank you for promoting peace and love in the face of provocation and hate.

Thank you for believing in the inherent worth of humanity. Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless, an extremist for love and a true hero and role model to millions across the world.

These words feel so inadequate to describe the difference you've made, the people you've shaped. For the hands that aren't ashamed to be black, for the souls that don't feel less than anymore, for the lives that find hope in the dream that you shared.

Our world can't thank you enough for bringing us so far along the path to that dream. May it truly become a reality in this day.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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