11 Things You Should Do Before You Move Into College Freshman Year
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11 Things You Should Do Before You Move Into College Freshman Year

It's overwhelming, I get it.

11 Things You Should Do Before You Move Into College Freshman Year

The summer before starting your first semester at college is stressful. There are many things you are told that you should do and should not do, and it may feel overwhelming. Here are 11 suggestions of things to do before you move into school:

1. Talk to people who are in your class.

Other fellow freshmen are just as nervous to start in the fall as you are. Find them on social media through the school’s Facebook page or other social media outlets.

2. Talk to people that already go to your college.

Professors, RAs and other upperclassmen can easily be found on social media as well. Talk to your orientation leaders, professors and other administrators in order to find out more about your future home away from home!

3. Assess your needs.

Figure out exactly what you need to bring to college. If you’ve never styled your hair a day in your life, chances are you will not need to bring the five different curling tools that have been collecting dust in your bedroom. The same goes for clothes. The dorms are not nearly as big as you may think.

4. Start dorm shopping.

After you have assessed your needs, time to shop! Try to avoid big stores like Bed Bath and Beyond. While your shopping cart looks like it is full of college necessities, chances are you will not use half of the products a month after you move in.

5. Research your major, classes and professors.

With free time, there is plenty of time to do research on your major and classes! Some websites, such as ratemyprofessor.com, are great to get a feel for what your professors will be like! However, try not to over judge based on peer reviews.

6. Make some lists.

Make lists of items you need to pack, clothes you need to organize and errands you need to run. Things may seem stressful, but try not to stress yourself out!

7. Spend some time with your family.

You will be leaving in a couple short months. You might as well spend as much time with your family as you can.

8. Save your money!

If you are working, try to save as much money as you can! You’ll need it when the semester starts.

9. Apply for scholarships.

It is not too late to look into which scholarships you can apply to for the next semester. Remember, it’s free money, go for it!

10. Meet your roommate.

Try to meet up with your roommate to talk about likes and dislikes, or at least talk to them over the phone or through text. It will make move-in day a lot less awkward!

11. Breathe!

This summer may feel too long for its own good. But breathe, before you know it you’ll be spending your first night on campus as a student.

The summer before you begin college may be stressful, but remember how exciting it will be when you finally get to school! Best of luck!

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