11 Traits And Quirks You Relate To If As A Textbook Pisces
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11 Traits And Quirks You Relate To  As A Textbook Pisces

As many of the other zodiac signs, we have a few more prominent quirks.

11 Traits And Quirks You Relate To  As A Textbook Pisces

Pisces season is upon us, winter is coming to a slow end, and the quarter is almost over as well. When stress is near, it's pretty easy to identify a Pisces.

Emotional defines most of your personality. 

Pretty much everyone in the PNW can relate to the winter blues. Pisces deal with that, every day of the year. If we wake up in a mood, we end the day in a mood, whether that's happy or angry it's pretty much the story of our lives. There's pretty much no in between with how much you show your emotion. You either cry a river at least three times a week or you're emotionally constipated and other people's emotions weird you out.

Overly Sensitive.

Most of us can be really oversensitive, sometimes that looks like over-reacting, or over-analyzing, other times it can be as simple as, dropping your phone. Then an overwhelming urge to scream "screw you" and kick your phone comes and well. That part might just be me.


Many Pisces get their fulfillment through being needed, no matter how much we say it doesn't matter it does. So we tend to fill our schedules and forget to leave ourselves time to take a break and actually relax.


Negativity can become way too easy to come by. The second something starts to get tough it can be easy to just escape and find a happy place to retreat to and try to ignore our problems. Except, we can't really ignore those problems no matter what because we over-analyze. Nice try Pisces, you can't escape it.

You Can't Say No. 

Depending on your personality, it can be pretty easy to say no. I'm someone who doesn't struggle to tell most people no until it's someone I love. Family members and close friends are the toughest to say no to, and you can easily become their doormats.


Being alone is a lot more bearable than being around people. Not quite an introvert but you get your energy by having time to compose yourself and your thoughts.

Animals Are More Bearable .

You struggle with the patience needed to handle people, which is partially why you can jump into the bad habit of retreating to your room. You can't really survive without some sort of animal to be responsible for and who you know won't judge you. *Cries*

You have a short fuse.

Patience doesn't come easy. Whether a stranger or a person you love you can have a pretty short temper and usually regret it later. Telling yourself "I need more patience," becomes a daily along with saying "I'm annoyed," at least once an hour.

You day dream. All day.

In class, driving, walking, listening to music, it usually doesn't matter. Somehow everything you do makes your mind wander. For me, since I love to dance, most of the songs I listen to will leave me daydreaming about choreography. Walking by people or places can bring up memories that I'll sit and think about without even noticing.

You're pretty organized.

Well, literally every space in your apartment or house but not your room. You don't have time to keep that clean when you're worried about keeping the shared living spaces clean.

You don't trust easy.

It isn't easy to trust because you're so sensitive that your feelings are hurt a lot and that creates the difficulty if being able to trust anyone. Either because of your own insecurities or just because people suck.

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