11 Things I've Overheard During The Fall Semester Of 2017

11 Things I've Overheard During The Fall Semester Of 2017

These moments are worth noting – the weird, the passionate, and the hilarious.

College continues to be one of the weirdest places I’ve ever had the pleasure to be in. It’s somewhat of a liminal space – like an abandoned warehouse or an airport waiting area at 5 in the morning – but the kind of liminal space with bright light and is always loud in motion. Every semester is a new set of paper, a new set of challenges, and a new set of jokes that we make at the expensive of our own suffering. If you don’t laugh at the number of final papers you have due this week, are you even alive still?

As much as laughter has proven to be a coping mechanism, college isn’t all that bad at times, especially if you’re into what you’re studying. Despite the occasional professor who has zero ideas how to be a competent resource for information, there’s a lot to gain from peers and teachers alike. There’s nothing like getting intensely and ridiculously passionate about a novel as a class, except maybe getting weird about that passion, which has definitely happened a bit often this semester. These moments are worth noting – the weird, the passionate, and the hilarious – even if they’re just scribbled into the margins of your notebook as they are in mine.

1. Spot the English professor

Professor: *Sits cross-legged on the table up front and rants*

2. When the professor says what everyone is thinking

"I should shut up, class is gonna be over soon."

3. Just because it's true, doesn't mean you should say it

Student #1: "Why did everyone get sick?"

Student #2: "When you don't drink, eat, or sleep for three days, your body kinda goes 'f*ck you!'"

4. So progressive

Student: *About W.E.B. Du Bois* "I'm not objectifying him! I'm objectifying his ideas."

5. The English major motto

*Lengthy discussion about grammar and structure* "English is fake anyway."

6. An alternative analysis of "Little Women"

*Heard in an English class during a discussion of "Little Women"

Professor: "I just don't think it's a sugar daddy thing!"

7. Get political

*Heard in the same English class during the same discussion*

Student: *In a tone of legitimate, genuine offense* "Hillary Clinton is NOTHING like Amy!"

8. Me too, honestly

Professor: "I study literature because I can't be held accountable to reality."

9. When your professor is #done too

Professor: "The best rest you'll ever get is when you're six feet under."

10. Young and broke

Student: "I be spending money like I have it."

11. Best advice

Professor: "Writing, above all, is thinking."

Cover Image Credit: Nelson Pavlosky / Flickr

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15 Thoughts Interns Have During Their First Week

"What time is lunch?"

As a senior in college, my last semester is mostly focused on my internship. It's a really cool experience, I've met a lot of great people so far, and it allows me to see what a career in the field I wish to go into is really like. However, the first week is the hardest. I had all of these thoughts at least once, if not 500 times during the first few days of this new experience.

1. Oh crap, where am I supposed to park?

2. Okay, found a parking spot. Now how do I get in the building?

3. Found my way in, now what?

4. Is this where I'm supposed to sit? Am I taking someone else's seat?

5. Reading, reading, lots of reading.

6. Aren't I supposed to be running around and getting coffee or something?

7. What time is lunch?

8. Woo, printing papers, doin' official intern stuff.

9. Am I doing this right?

10. A nametag? For me!? OFFICIAL.


12. Wow, these people are nice. I hope they like me.

13. Oh no, I'm out of staples. Where do I find more staples!?

14. Am I doing this right?

15. Filing, organizing, more filing, more organizing.

16. Anything else I can do to help?

17. Am I doing this right?

18. Well, time to clock out. Back at it again tomorrow.

Just as a reminder for my fellow interns, you are more than JUST an intern. You're doing a great job, and it is okay to make mistakes. You're learning, it's all part of the experience.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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8 Things To Do Instead Of Write

Because procrastination is real.

Lately, I’ve been battling with writer’s block. It’s not that I don’t know what to write. It’s more I have too many ideas, and once I get started on one, I get distracted by another. Or, even worse, I get distracted by other things. So, if you just want to avoid writing altogether, here are some things you can do instead of writing.

1. Browse Pinterest

It counts as writing related, because I have a whole board of writing prompts, right?

2. Browse Tumblr

Reblogging productive things definitely makes me productive.

3. Binge Watch Netflix

Try something from this list.

4. Text Your Best Friend

Who is also a writer who is not writing.

5. Play Video Games

Bonus points if it’s a game where you can make your own decisions and control the story. That’s kind of like writing.

6. Crochet

It’s still a creative outlet.

7. Read

Gotta get some inspiration.

8. Actually Write

Fake it til you make it!

Cover Image Credit: 9 Bridges

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