11 Things Only True Guac Lovers Will Understand

Whether it's in a burrito, on a chip, or simply by itself, guacamole is the greatest food item to bless our lives. Move over ice cream and chocolate, avocados are in the house and they're taking over. No longer do I reach for the french onion dip or salsa when I'm craving something salty, I slice in to the beautiful (technically) fruit that has become my food-world. If you think I'm crazy, you obviously haven't experienced a good guacamole because it is life changing. Once you go guac, you never go back.

1. When the Chipotle worker says, "Guac is extra, is that alright?"

2. When someone says, "I hate avocados, so I'd definitely hate guacamole"

3. When you open the fridge and see that someone else ate the rest of your guacamole

4. When you slice open a perfectly green and symmetrical avocado

5. When people ask you what your favorite song is

6. When you're at a party that has tortilla chips out, and the only dip options are salsa or queso

7. When your friends are excited to go out for Mexican for the margaritas, but all you're thinking about is the authentic guac you're going to be getting

8. When you've been craving guacamole for days, but when you get to the grocery store none of the avocados are ripe yet

9. When Chipotle says they're out of guacamole

10. When you finally get home after a long day of work, and take that first bite of guac

11. When someone asks why you love guacamole so much

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