1. Her clothes are my clothes, but my clothes are definitely her clothes.

My sister and I are pretty open to sharing clothes with each other. However, she borrows my shirts a lot more than I borrow hers. She sometimes wore my clothes to school without asking and then folded them back and put them exactly in the middle of the stack where she found them, so I wouldn’t know. I ended up catching her in the act one day when I stayed home sick without her knowledge.

2. Her allegiance totally depends on whether she can benefit from it.

Whenever my mom and I disagree about something, my sister only takes my side when she knows it would work towards her advantage. For example, I once got in trouble for eating in the bedroom when house rules strictly say not to. My sister passionately defended me since she, too, loves to eat in the bedroom late at night.

3. Her criticism is sometimes constructive.

My sister loves to call me out when I screw up, but she doesn’t always do it in a positive way. Her way of reproach is unique, and though I know she speaks from a place of love, I can’t always tell.

4. Even though she started it, I have to say sorry first.

My sister and I are extremely petty when it comes to fighting each other. Since she’s older than me, I am always the one apologizing first despite her being the one who instigated the fight. For her to say sorry first would be a direct insult to her honor.

5. Rules she makes for me don't apply to her.

My sister loves to make rules for me, “Don’t do this, it isn’t good for you,” or, “Oh, I don’t think you are supposed to do that.” But for some reason, those things don’t mean anything when she has to do it. Every objection seems to go away when she is in my position, and then it all becomes, “Well, just because I can do it, doesn’t mean you can too.”

6. It is OUR dresser but there's mostly her stuff on it.

My sister and I shared a room before she left for college. Even though we originally planned on splitting our dresser fifty/fifty, it was soon filled with her make-up and perfumes and my things got pushed into one tiny corner.

7. I am the designated person for her to experiment makeup and hair on.

My sister loves to watch YouTube tutorials on different hairstyles and makeup techniques. She then obviously needs to try her newly acquired skills on someone and that someone is always me. I can’t complain about that one though because I don’t mind being pampered by her like that.

8. We have sister telepathy.

My sister and I have the amazing capability of just looking at each other, thinking about the same thing, and then just laughing like crazy. We also have pretty dope conversations by just staring at each other for different amounts of time. Though we probably look crazy to others, it’s quite fun being able to do that.

9. She is a decent listener.

She may not always have the best advice, but I appreciate having someone to vent to all the time. I call to tell her one thing and then somehow that conversation ends up lasting over two hours.

10. She is actually soft on the inside.

Despite how hard she acts to be tough, she is a sensitive person who does care what people say. As much as I try to think that she’s heartless and mean, my sister is just as vulnerable and loving as the next person.

11. No matter how much we fight, she is stuck with me forever.

My sister can argue, fight, and not speak to me as much as she likes, but that doesn’t change the fact that she can never get rid of me. She has no choice but to deal with my attitude and listen to me talk 24/7 about how I plan on changing the world. In exchange, I have to listen to her complain about studies and her love for cake.