11 Things You Know To Be True When You Obsessively Play "The Sims"
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11 Things You Know To Be True When You Obsessively Play "The Sims"

For those of us who enjoy playing God

11 Things You Know To Be True When You Obsessively Play "The Sims"
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Since my oldest cousin showed me the original game in 2000, I’ve been an avid player of "The Sims." Seriously, I’ve had almost every PC version of the game, and two versions on GameCube. To say that I’m obsessed with this game is a bit of an understatement. With "The Sims" being one of the bestselling games in history, I know for a fact I’m not alone. If you’re just as much of a diehard fan as I am, you’ll definitely agree with these truths.

1. You can go months and months without playing the game, but it’s still your favorite.

This is especially true if you play it nonstop for a few days straight. The game just takes so much concentration and planning at times that you need a bit of a break from it after that.

2. The fastest word you can type is motherlode.

Sure, it’s technically cheating, but EA wouldn’t advertise the code if they didn’t want you to use it. It's the fastest 50,000 simoleons you've ever made

3. You’ve definitely created your ideal family.

You know exactly what you want your kids to look like down to the pajamas they wear to bed

4. If someone’s ever really pissed you off, you may have made a Sim of the person and killed it.

Try getting out of that pool without a ladder.

5. Even if you have "The Sims" 1,2 and 3, you probably purchased or considered purchasing "Sims 4," anyways.

TS4 might be missing some of your favorite features and expansion packs (side note: still bitter about "Sims 4" not having toddlers) but Create-a-Sim has never been better and emotions are such a unique feature for game play that you just have to try it.

6. Discovering Sims mods and other custom content was one of the best things that happened to you.

Now your sims have way cooler hairstyles and clothing that you’re only a little jealous of.

7. You’re ashamed to admit you know a few phrases of Simlish.

Some of this you may have learned from listening to the Simlish version of pop music - yes, that's a thing - some learned just from obsessive gameplay. “Benzi chibna looble bazebni gweb!”

8. You actually thoroughly enjoy listening to the soundtrack of "The Sims."

Some of the radio choices are fun to dance to and the music in build mode is oddly motivating.

9. Building homes is one of your favorite ways to unwind.

The Sims actually has you convinced you can be successful interior designer.

10. Even if you hate drama in real life, you’ll create a lot of it in the game just to keep things interesting.

Oh, a happy, boring family of four? Nope, time for someone to cheat with the maid.

11. The real reason you love playing "The Sims" is because you get to play God.

Designing an entire world full of people whose fates all rest in your hand? Sign me up.

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