Whether you get your burger with a side of fries or a side of pizza, whether you are team Dean/Jess/Logan, if you like your coffee black with a side of sarcasm, or you just enjoy movie marathons more than going to parties- we can all relate in one way or another. From the mother-daughter friendship, the independent girls, the food binges, and the relationships to the small Stars Hollow town and the issues in between- we have all learned a few things from watching the beloved show. We've all been "Gilmored."

1. COFFEE... It’s not just a drink, it's magic.

2. Food? Always.

The three main food groups: pizza, ice cream, and fries

3. Your mom almost always has your back.

4. Forgiveness is hard sometimes, but it's always worth it.

5. It’s OK to feel safe...

6. ...but somewhere an adventure is waiting just for you- and it’s usually better.

In Omnia Paratus.

7. Be yourself and be OK with it.

8. We all have a little Michel in us.

9. Your best friend is always there for you with support... and ice cream.

10. "The plan" isn’t always going to work out... no matter how bad you want it to.

11. But you have to learn to be OK with that.

If you're a committed "Gilmore girl" you've probably realized more than just these 11 things- you may have picked a "Kirk" from your town or maybe you've just learned to enjoy the little things like diners, town meetings, and "no phone" policies a bit more than usual. It might be just a TV show, but to the avid watcher, it's an accurate representation of our struggles, relationships, families, and appetites.