11 Things College Students Say They'll Do Anew The Next Semester

Starting up another semester can be tough, especially after a long Christmas break, or any break for that matter. It’s not always the same case for everyone, but for me, I get into a certain slump during break. No more alarms to set, no more essays, tests, deadlines, it’s a great relief. I don’t always have that much motivation. Especially if I’m not working I don’t have to be up and at ‘em all the time, so why not sleep until noon and hang out in my pajamas and eat cereal for all three meals of the day? That’s just about as close to paradise as it gets sometimes, am I right? But after a couple weeks go by, I get bored and I feel sluggish. I get into this mood where I want to do something like go on a big health kick. And what a perfect time to start seeing as how the new year just began and the school gym could be my second home...if I stick with it that is. Along with the health kick idea, there are other things I tell myself I will do or accomplish this semester, and I think you will come to see that you have been in the same boat before.

1. I will eat better.

No more eating frosting with a spoon at 2 a.m. Darn it.

2. Get those running shoes out!

Yes, the ones at the back of your closet collecting dust.

3. I will not hit snooze on the alarm clock.

Okay well at least not for the first week.

4. I will start studying long before the test.

And by long before, I mean not 10 minutes before the test.

5. I will get a job.

Well I’ll at least think about it-- those college loans aren't going to pay themselves.

6. I will get up in time to actually shower, eat breakfast, and look decent and alive before I leave.

No more waking up at the last minute, throwing some dry shampoo in, and grabbing a half eaten pop tart and calling it good.

7. I’ll go to bed at a decent hour.

I mean I’ll actually fall asleep before 2 A.M instead of lying in bed on my phone avoiding other responsibilities.

8. I won’t party and drink as much.

Mimosa Mondays, Turnt Tuesdays, Wine Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, and Frozen Drinks Fridays are a no no. At least not all the time.

9. I won’t let myself stress out about every little thing.

This is why dance parties are a must, dance it out and I promise you’ll feel better.

10. I’ll try to be more involved on campus.

I’ll join clubs, I’ll go to the sporting events, I’ll participate in on-campus activities. Yeah yeah yeah I’ve said this before.

11. I'll work harder.

Point blank, period.

Everything I just listed sounds attainable and manageable right? Well maybe at least for the first couple of weeks. Then I know how the story goes for most, we get annoyed with waking up early (no hitting the snooze), so we throw on some yoga pants or gym shorts and go. We tell ourselves we'll eat later so we get a bag of Doritos and Gatorade for the road (or maybe that's just me). Our sneakers find their way back to the back of the closet, we're drinking at least 3 days out of the week and we're up until 2 A.M. trying to cram that paper in. "Ahh, who cares," we tell ourselves "we'll make it." That's who we are. It's college and we're just kids, cut us a break every now and then.

Have a great spring semester everyone!!

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