11 Things That Happen In College Lectures With More Than 100 People
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11 Things That Happen In College Lectures With More Than 100 People

11. The professor moves to the next slide before you are ready

11 Things That Happen In College Lectures With More Than 100 People
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We've all been there — that college lecture hall that has just enough people that you won't know everyone, but just few enough that it's obvious when someone doesn't attend.

Here are 11 things that happen in college lectures with more than 100 people.

1. On "Exam Day" the class is about double its usual size.

Either you just joined this class or you're usually sleeping while I'm watching another power point.

2. Someone always comes in late, causing the entire class to turn around.

Seriously?! If you're going to come it would be more beneficial to come at 10:00 am, instead of 10:10--it'd really help you avoid those stares.

3. Multiple people's phones go off at any given moment.

If you're going to text, at least put it on silent to be subtle about it.

4. Someone raises their hand for every question.

OK, we get it, you know the answer.

5. Someone tells the professor, "you're wrong."

Really? I'm pretty sure you're an undergrad, and I'm pretty sure the professor has dedicated his or her life to this field. But, don't mind me, you know better.

6. Someone falls asleep

Maybe you and Mr. I Only Show Up On Exam Day are roommates--he just chooses to sleep in his room, and you choose to sleep in class.

7. Someone asks a question about everything

Do you really need to know the kind of printer paper that was used for the syllabus?

8. Someone eats an entire meal in class

Seriously, this is an 8:00 a.m. class--I'm barely awake, and I don't want to hear your wrappers.

9. Someone agrees with everything the professor says

If you want an A, just do your work.

10. People will use the back of your chair as a foot rest

OK, the truth is you're probably using the chair in front of you as a foot rest as well, but that doesn't excuse the guy behind you from kicking your seat every five seconds.

11. The professor moves to the next slide before you are ready

Either you want me to pass this class or you want to get through this entire slideshow in 50 minutes — there's no in between.

While all of these events, and more, will happen in your lecture hall — lecture halls are actually a great experience, and some of my favorite classes throughout college so far have been lectures with over 100 people!

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