11 Surefire Ways To Annoy A Retail Worker
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11 Surefire Ways To Annoy A Retail Worker

Please at least acknowledge us when you walk in.

11 Surefire Ways To Annoy A Retail Worker
The Lad Bible

1. Completely unfolding clothes that have just been folded.

This can’t really be helped if your size is at the bottom of the stack, but it doesn’t stop a fire from burning within us to yank the clothing item out of your hand and fold it back the way it should be.

2. Giving us a more change once the register is already open.

We’re not there to be mathematicians. Yes, it is simple math, but most of the time we really don’t feel like thinking that much to figure out how much you need back since the register is now telling me the incorrect amount.

3. Not reading the exclusions on coupons.

Some brands don’t give out the rights to discount their merchandise, so please don’t get angry with us when your coupon doesn’t work since you didn’t take the time to read it yourself.

4. Not reading the return/exchange policy.

We cannot exchange your crusty work boots for new ones because they “didn’t hold up” when they’ve obviously been worn for a few months on concrete and in the mud. We cannot exchange your bathing suit if it does not have tags, the sanitary sticker, or receipt. We have no way of knowing whether it has been worn or not. Would you want to buy a worn bathing suit? Probably not.

5. Getting angry about holes in apparel because of security tags.

They have to go somewhere.

6. Demanding you get the sale price when the sale price is obviously not applicable.

We put non-sale items on the same racks as sale items because 1) we probably don’t have room elsewhere and 2) we expect that you can differentiate between which brand is on sale and which isn’t. Check to make sure the fine print doesn’t say priced as marked.

7. Getting angry because we’re short staffed.

Usually, this is nothing we have control over. If you have a problem with it, call corporate and tell them to give us more hours. Trust me, we wish we weren’t understaffed too.

8. Finding security tags on the floor.

This one isn’t just annoying, it’s disappointing. We become disappointed in ourselves for not catching the shoplifter and also disappointed in people in general for thinking stealing is ever the right thing to do.

9. Children running around everywhere.

Screaming usually follows, which is always annoying. With the running around though, all we can imagine is your child getting hurt. No one wants that. There's also a risk of things getting knocked over and displays that took a while to set up getting ruined.

10. Children grabbing everything and asking a million and one questions.

We have to rearrange everything that they mess up and we’re usually concentrated on doing something or another while we’re ringing you up, so to be distracted by a kid’s questions just means your checkout is going to take that much longer, and I really don’t want you or other customers to get upset by that.

11. Not saying hello back after we’ve said hello when you walk in.

This isn’t too bad, but it’s annoying when we smile and say hello and you just grunt, or worse, completely ignore us. Please at least acknowledge us with a wave or hello back or just a smile.

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