11 Struggles Every Young Classic Rock Fan Knows

Since I was a kid, I have never really been a fan of pop music. Instead, I found my home in the dusty old records of my father. Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, The Ramones, and of course my favorite, U2, became the soundtrack of my life. Of course, being a twenty year old classic rock fan has its struggles.

1. Sitting in the car with friends and awkwardly not knowing half the songs they are playing.

“Sure. I know this song” (Not).

2. Wanting to see your favorite rock stars play live before they die.

And the feeling of pure bliss when you get to see them.

3. Or realizing you will never see certain performers live.

*sobs infinity*

4. Watching the news to make sure your favorite rockers are still alive.

“Bono fell off a bicycle? IS HE OKAY?!”

5. Feeling like a baby at concerts because you are the youngest member.

And loving it. You can learn so much cool stuff from older fans!

6. Trying to find other fans your age.

But when you do you are immediate BFFs.

7. Begging your friends to go to a gig with you.

“No, I promise, they are great. Please? I will literally give you the tickets”.

8. Finding merch from your fave bands.

Amazon is pretty good but there isn’t always the greatest variety.

9. Supporting your record addiction gets pricey.

Cause rock and roll needs to be on vinyl.

10. Secretly wishing you could go back to the 70's and 80's to see your bands in their prime.

*sigh* I guess YouTube will have to do.

11. Knowing that you have prime music taste and having only a few people to share it with.

Oh well, more good music for me.

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