11 Struggles Looking For A Job After Graduation

If you are like me (and not being an Investment Banker AKA you didn't get your job offer in December...) then you are probably struggling to find a job after graduation. Here are the 11 struggles I'm currently going through. Maybe they sound familiar to you to?

1. Looking for places to look for jobs

2. Deciding if you even qualify for this job?

3. Struggling with having 2+ years of experience

4. Deciding as you search what kind of job you actually want to have

5. Feeling like you are sending job resumes into outer space

6. Searching through all your old papers to find networking contacts

7. Questioning whether you can survive off the money you would make from swiping cards at your local gym

8. Not wanting to not live at home with your parents but also really wanting to go home and live that life you had in high school

9. Applying to more jobs than you could imagine and not hearing back from 99% of them

10. Rewriting cover letters over and over (aka changing one word here and there to make them "different")

11. Being so ready to leave college and also so ready to stay

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