You've made it through nine whole seasons of emotional highs and lows, but how do you cope with the fact that it's actually over?

1. Sadness.

It really is over. All nine seasons... finished. So what now?

2. Anger.

You think, "How can it be over? Just like that? I just started. I miss Naley."

3. Emptiness.

You find yourself searching through Netflix trying to find another series just to fill the void, but nothing lives up to your expectations.

4. Cyber stalking the actors to see what they're up to nowadays.

Are their Instas filled with throwback pictures from the set? Has anyone gotten married? What about kids? Is there a reunion in the making? Is Sophia Bush still killing the game? Of course she is, she's Sophia Bush.

5. Online shopping for as much OTH merchandise as you can possibly find.

Clothes Over Bros stickers, Keith Scott Body Shop hoodies, and number 23 t-shirts.

I would know... I have them all.

6. Wondering if you should re-watch the whole series.

Because that should make it all better, right?

7. Actually re-starting the whole series.

But you stop midway through season one, because you realize it's just not the same this time. There's no curiosity or excitement because you already know what happens, so you eventually just give up.

8. Convincing your best friend to take a road trip down to Wilmington, NC.

What's better than getting to sit at the table where Nathan and Haley shared their first moments together?

Absolutely nothing.

9. Downloading every possible song from Kate Voegele, Tyler Hilton, and Jana Kramer you can find.

Congrats! Your road trip playlist is now complete.

10. Discovering that there is a "One Tree Hill: Always and Forever" documentary.

Don't worry, it's on YouTube. Just make sure you have some tissues around --you'll need 'em.

11. Acceptance.

You begin to realize that although OTH was magical while it lasted, it's time for it to end.