We've all been there. Whether it's an essay or even just a simple birthday card, writer's block can strike us all at any moment (like, I don't know... Right now?). But writer's block isn't just a one-step thing and then you're done — it has many stages and can last for days, weeks, maybe even MONTHS. Allow me to take you through the many stages of writer's block and maybe it will help you get over yours.

1. Optimism

You've got time, no need to panic. A great idea will come to you soon. Go about normal everyday life with your project a mere thought in the back of your mind.

2. Nervousness

The amount of "tomorrows" is becoming smaller, but still, the writer's block persists. There is still time but not enough for comfort. Surely, a good idea will come to you soon. Surely.

3. Denial

Another day has passed. There is still no sign of a good idea anywhere. A good one will come today, you're sure of it. This can't possibly go on for another day. You are smarter than this.

4. Determination

Okay, you can do this. Just sit down and start writing. Something worth submitting will come from your hand like magic. It's fine. You're fine. Everything's fine.

5. Frustration

You've scrapped eight pieces already. Everything you write is lame. Nobody will want to read any of it. Why do good ideas never come when you want them to?

6. The wall

You've hit the wall. If you stare at this assignment any longer, you'll go cross-eyed. So it's time for a break. You didn't accomplish anything but you still worked hard. That deserves a reward, right?

7. Blissful ignorance

Sometime between your attempt to write this thing and your break, you managed to forget about this assignment entirely. You are having a great time, living your best life, completely worry-free.

8. Panic

How could you have forgotten about this important assignment?! Have you gone mad? You now have hours — HOURS — before this thing is due. How are you going to manage to pull this off?

9. Epiphany

You've done it! You've finally done it! You have an idea that's actually pretty good. Now all you have to do it write it. Considering you only have a few hours to pump this out, it will not be the best thing you've ever created, but at least the premise of it will be interesting.

10. Triumph

You were right before, it isn't your best work, but it IS finished. You admire your last minute's work and then hit submit. Life is good.

11. Dead inside

You get the confirmation of your submission... Only to realize that the due date is actually NEXT Tuesday...