The 11 Stages Of Babysitting

The 11 Stages Of Babysitting

For the designated babysitter.

I've always been the oldest in my family when it comes to my siblings and my cousins. So naturally, I was always the designated babysitter. It wasn't always so bad, but if you grew up having to babysit, then you know how draining it can be. Here are the 11 stages one goes through while babysitting.

1. The "I Got This" Stage

You're asked if you're available to babysit. At first, you hesitate to say yes, but eventually have a pep talk with yourself: "How hard could it be? Why not? A couple of hours will go by fast. I GOT THIS. Easy peasy!"

2. The "I Regret This" Stage

You agree to babysit, but then something comes up. That something seems to be the most exciting thing going on at that point in your life and you regret your decision to babysit.

3. The "Try To Get Out Of It" Stage

You think, "Well, I'll just say I have a big project or I got sick, that will definitely work." Of course, you're not that horrible a person to ruin a night out for someone else. So, you start mentally preparing yourself for what's to come.

4. The "Mental Preparation" Stage

You ask yourself, "What am I going to do with these kids?" The answer is always: "Anything that requires the least amount of energy." Movie and a pizza? Sounds perfect, right? But no movie in the world is long or entertaining enough to keep any kid sitting until their parents return home.

5. The "Drop Off" Stage

Finally, the day has come and the kids are running wild. You already know that you did not mentally prepare yourself enough for what is to come...

6. The "I Need Caffeine" Stage

At this point, it's just you and the kids. The movie didn't hold up, so you're stuck running around playing hide-and-go-seek, catch, literally every activity that requires the highest level of energy. You seek out your best pal, coffee (or coke).

7. The "I'm Hungry" Stage

"I'm hungry." These words could burn holes through your ears. Every option to satisfy the child's hunger is out of the question because for some reason they enjoy being difficult.

8. The "Is It Time For Bed Yet?" Stage

Not for the kids, but for you. You're so run down by this point, you consider taking a nap. This option, unfortunately, is not up for discussion because you're too afraid that the kids will set the house on fire.

9. The "Counting Down The Minutes" Stage

You find yourself pulling out your phone every five minutes to check if 30 minutes have miraculously passed by. To no surprise, they haven't.

10. The "Pick Up" Stage

It's finally time to say your goodbyes. You feel relieved, yet sad in a strange way.

11. The "Rest" Stage

You finally get a second to sit down and breathe. You then realize that the house seems a lot quieter and lonelier. You start to miss the crazy that the kids brought with them, but that feeling goes away instantly the next time you find yourself having to babysit once again.

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11 Reasons Why Your Little Sister Is Your Biggest Blessing

She will forever be your go-to Netflix date, your late-night life talk partner, and your absolute best friend.

She's the person you care for with all your heart and sometimes hate passionately. She's the one you misbehave with yet the one who often keeps you in check. You've been there since her day one, and she changed your life forever. She is truly your partner in every crime, your shoulder to cry on when life is too much to handle on your own, and the very best friend you never expected to love this much. She's your little sister, and there are many reasons why she is the best thing that ever happened to you.

1. She makes you want to be a better person.

She's your baby sister, and you want her to grow up to be a genuine and well-respected person, which means you must be that person for her to look up to. She gives you a reason to be better.

2. You were her first friend, and that is a difficult bond to break.

From the day she was born, you were who she latched onto. You were her friend before she knew anyone else, and that makes your relationship unbelievably strong.

SEE ALSO: Dear Little Sister, While You're At College

3. She matures you.

You find yourself feeling motherly when it comes to your little sister. Your instinct will always be to protect her, often maturing you beyond your years.

4. She will always keep you young.

Although you want to be a grown-up example in her life, she will always be a reminder to have more fun and to let loose. She also has a better sense of style than you ever did at her age, so pay attention.

5. Your life-long friends have known her almost as long as you have, and they love her too.

You may have been her very first friend, but your friends fell in love with her at a young age as well. You know you've got a pretty great little sister when your friends never fail to hug her upon arrival.

6. She supports your decisions.

This does not mean she will always agree with them, but as your sister, she trusts you to do the right thing.

7. And helps you make the ones that stump you.

She may not have as much life experience as you do, but sometimes this can work to your advantage. She hasn't made as many mistakes as you have, and this can mean she's not afraid to take chances and push you to make scary decisions.

8. Distance is no match for you two.

You could go long periods of time without talking and nothing would change. You'll pick up right where you left off every time, although you prefer to stay in touch consistently.

9. You've become really good at giving advice and looking out for people.

Your little sister will come to you for advice, and you become more and more prepared to give it every time. This experience has also helped you help your friends when they need your input.

10. You will always be needed.

We all want to feel like we are a necessity to someone; we want to feel like we are improving someone's quality of life. While you may find this in other relationships over the years, your little sister will always need you, and it will always be rewarding.

11. She's a constant in your ever-changing life.

People will come and go in your life. Relationships will end and friends will fade, but your sister isn't going anywhere.

The day she was brought home, your sister changed your life dramatically. Maybe you were an only child before she came along, and she stole your thunder for a little while, but you'll forgive her for it. You'll realize that she changed your life for the better. She became your truest friend and your biggest blessing.

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I Begged For Love

And still never got it.

I remember when I was in Kindergarten and I was up at around midnight, searching for something. As I found myself in the bathroom, I opened drawers looking for anything and my eyes stumbled upon a pair of scissors. I went back into my room and shaved my thirteen-inch hair to nothingness.

I remember my father coming into my room the next morning and beating me senseless until I told him why I cut my hair. I did this because my father never liked his daughters (he was/is sexist), so I thought that if I cut my hair to look like a boy then maybe he would love me. When I told him this, he started exiting the room and he told me, "You're such a dumb bitch." I was six.

There was a single time during a long car ride where my mother and father made me place my hands on the top of my head for hours until we got home. As I did this without fighting, I asked my mother when we got home if I had been good that day; I was begging for some kind of approval. She completely ignored me, brushed me off, and forced me to do things for her for the rest of the night. I was nine.

My father called me "thing" for as many years as I can remember. Instead of standing up and saying anything I just got up and took it. I took the name-calling to the point where I thought that if I were to stand up and say something, I would get thrown out. So I succumbed to his pressures.

When I told my father about the sexual abuse I'd experienced from my oldest brother, he told me that I should tell CPS so that I could be taken away because he didn't even want me. He looked at me and my younger sister in the eyes and told us, "I need the money from him more than I need you." My hurt was completely disregarded and I, as a young teen, was shown my true worthlessness.

My father worked third shift, meaning I only ever saw him on the weekends if I chose to stay home. I remember writing pages and pages of different letters to him, telling him that I'd do anything to make things feel more peaceful. I remember committing to doing insane things in these letters that no young girls should ever have to do. I gave more of my self than I ever should have, and I still was shaken off like I was nothing.

I've begged for love since the minute I remember any single thing. I have asked and asked for my mother and father to care about my existence, and when I realized that they didn't, I stopped caring about my existence too. I've done anything I can to ask someone to love me and the reality is that maybe I am simply unworthy of love.

I wake up every single morning without the feeling that me waking up mattered at all. I sit in classes, work jobs, sit with people and survey the area realizing that there is nothing at all I can do to be loved even though there are so many around me that are loved by at least someone.

I have begged for love in every way I could have imagined. I still never got it. But I'm done begging, so I guess I'm just never going to get it.

Some people aren't meant to be loved, I guess.

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