11 Signs You're The "Weird" Friend Of The Group
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11 Signs You're The "Weird" Friend Of The Group

Life's more interesting when you're weird.

11 Signs You're The "Weird" Friend Of The Group
Taylor Bell

Every friend group has that one person who just isn't necessarily normal. Being the "weird" friend is far from a bad thing and we all have that one person who comes to mind when we think about it. They're the person who is on everyone's Snapchat stories the most for doing something ridiculous and the one who always just pulls the weirdest looks from other people in public. Although embarrassing, we love them nonetheless and wouldn't trade them from the world, or so that's what people tell me. Being that friend does come with some territory that only the "weird" friend understands.

1. Weird questions are casual conversation to you.

"What would happen if humans had webbed feet?" "Who do you think first decided to cook meat over a fire?" "Do you think it would be socially acceptable to [insert socially unacceptable action here]?"

2. Taking a picture where you aren't making a weird face only happens on special occasions.

Is it time for family pictures? You make the ugliest face that you know how to make. Do your friends want to take a picture at a party? Don't set very high expectations for it to be the cutest one that you've ever posted on Instagram. It's easier to make a weird face than to try to look normal.

3. Weird dance moves are your specialty.

If you're the weird friend of the group, you know that you've broken out some dance moves that probably should've stayed in the '70s and '80s. You hear your friends tell you to stop and that you're embarrassing them every single time that you all go out, but you wouldn't have it any other way.

4. Your outfits aren't exactly the hottest trends.

You probably spend more time on Youtube than you do on Pinterest looking at the latest trends and updating your closet. Throwing a flannel over anything constitutes an outfit that's acceptable to wear in public and that's the end of the conversation.

5. You don't go out of your way to impress guys.

You're way too focused on your own life and being happy to change who you are for a guy. You also realize even if you were to try to get a guy to like you by acting like someone you aren't, they'd probably run the other way when they find out how weird you really are. You embrace your weirdness and any guy who is not willing to accept that isn't welcome in your life.

6. It doesn't matter if people stare at you in public, you're perfectly content with how you live your life.

A lot like number 5, it doesn't matter how people see you. You're happy with who you are and what you like, so others' opinions of you are essentially irrelevant. Start dancing when you're walking down the sidewalk and get over excited about the smallest thing. You do what makes you happy and you do exactly what you want.

7. You make faces and sounds that don't belong on this planet on a daily basis.

If most people saw the faces that you make at the friends who you're close to, they'd probably go running. It gets scary. What you think might be a typical noise of frustration might be the strangest noise to someone else and you'll never know the difference. To you, it's normal.

8. Your social media feeds are all weird pictures.

Scrolling through Facebook is just a compilation of animal videos, funny pictures that make no sense whatsoever, and pictures of what you're passionate about. I see more dog posts on my Facebook than I see updates on marriage proposals and pregnancy announcements and I wouldn't have it any other way.

9. Even your friends give you questioning looks.

Some of your brilliant ideas get the weirdest looks from your friends. If you're taking Easy Mac to a party, expect some looks. Asking if you can dress up as a pterodactyl for Halloween will also do it. It's totally fine. You simply think that you're clever and the funniest person in the room.

10. Calling people boring is a regular occurrence.

The second that one of your friends isn't up for a spontaneous adventure, they get called boring. So what if it's 2:00 a.m. and you have class at 10:00 the next morning. You want to go on an adventure. It'll still be fun.

11. You wouldn't live your life any other way.

You don't understand how people get by on not making every situation as fun and entertaining as possible. The world is an endless adventure and there's so much to love about it. Embrace your weirdness and love it more than anything. It makes you who you are.

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