11 Signs It's FIRST Robotics Build Season
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11 Signs It's FIRST Robotics Build Season

More than just robots

11 Signs It's FIRST Robotics Build Season

Well, it's that time of the year again: BUILD SEASON!

For fellow FIRSTers and FIRST alumni, we're all too familiar with the adrenaline rush and excitement that kick-off day brings. The sound of screwdrivers, the smell of solder, the clacking of a keyboard as programmers frantically code--it all brings back wonderful memories of build season.

For six consecutive weeks, we dive headfirst into a mad dash to create a functioning robot. Whether you're pining to know more about the #robotlyfe or just looking for a laugh, here are the telltale signs of robotics build season.

1. You were more excited for kick-off day than you were for Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa.

In the world of FIRST, there's an ongoing joke that the game will be underwater. Unfortunately, 2016's game is a medieval-themed Capture The Flag. Better luck next year?

2. Dean Kamen is literally your idol.

For most people, Dean Kamen is a brilliant innovator and entrepreneur who created the pacemaker and Segway. For FIRSTers, he's more than just that, he is the founder of an incredible program and perhaps a way of life. Honestly, he has a cult of personality, and that's perfectly fine by me.

3. Your family and friends know not to bother you for the next few weeks because you'll practically LIVE at your robotics shop.

No explanation needed for this one.

4. You spend hours roaming the magical forum that is Chief Delphi.

It's like tumblr, but for robotics.

5. You have permanent circles around your eyes. Not because of the lack of sleep (which is a given), but because you've been wearing safety glasses for 48 hours straight.

Your bedazzled safety glasses have most likely become a part of your face. Safety FIRST.

6. Screwdrivers and other sounds become music to your ears. Well, maybe not the sound of the band saw against metal...

Some noises cannot be unheard.

7. Zip ties. Zip ties EVERYWHERE

Zip ties: the best invention of modern times.

8. Your robot will be your valentine.

You most likely won't have time to go on a Valentine's Day date unless it's at the shop.

9. You have a favorite battery and it has a name.

Jonathan the battery is your bae.

10. School? What's that? Your brain is only capable of thinking about drive trains, wiring, and LabView programming.

Sorry, can't understand you. I only speak "Robot".

11. You cannot contain your excitement for tournament season and seeing the robot on the playing field for the first time.

Here's to 6 weeks of robot-building, sleepless nights, laughter, and more!

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