11 Signs You Were An IB Student
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11 Signs You Were An IB Student

Does anyone remember how to spell Baccalaureate?

11 Signs You Were An IB Student

All former IB students remember the grueling two years of papers, projects, and sleepless nights. For the blissfully ignorant, the International Baccalaureate (IB) is a non-profit organization that offers many programs, one of which is the two-year IB Diploma that spans junior and senior years of high school. From IAs to CAS hours to the ultimate exams, there was always so much to do but no time to do it all. Somehow we survived and made it to college, so here are 11 things to which former IB students can relate. And if you are currently in the IB program, these items should strike a chord as well!

1. You cannot believe that college classes are only a semester long.

IB classes lasted two years, and by May of the second year it still felt like you needed more time to learn everything. How do college classes cram their content into a single semester?

2. You and sleep had a complicated relationship.

Sleep was like a distant relative — you seldom saw it and grew used to the separation.

3. You are well-versed in the language of acronyms.

EE, IA, IOC, IOP, OPVL, CAS — what did the IB not give an acronym to? Even its own name was abbreviated (they knew that needing to spell “Baccalaureate” would be the tipping point).

4. You were filled with smoldering rage when anyone asked, “Oh, IB — is that like AP?”

No. It is not.

5. You know how to study and deal with the accompanying stress.

For the IB exams, you had to study two years worth of material – really puts your college's semester finals in perspective.

6. Senioritis was not an option.

Slack off senior year and make all your previous efforts useless? I think not. Senioritis is for the weak — or those who do not have to pass IB exams to get the Diploma.

7. You learned how to start and complete a decent essay the night before was due.

The most interesting thesis statements are born in the critical window after midnight and before 6 a.m.

8. TOK: As if it wasn’t bad enough to be confused in other classes, then you had to analyze how and why you didn’t know.

At least you could fake the entire class.

9. When you meet a fellow IB student, it is like finding a long-lost family member.

They understand your high highs and low lows.

10. Unless they did not do the Diploma.

No EE or CAS reflections? Not the same.

11. But you will grudgingly admit that IB has benefited you in college.

IB gave us good study habits, close reading skills, and time management. And even if none of those stuck, you probably cashed in credits from the exam scores.

If you are still in the IB program, good luck! You will make it through. Hopefully.

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