11 Signs You Grew Up With A Parent Who Traveled A Lot For Work
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11 Signs You Grew Up With A Parent Who Traveled A Lot For Work

"Dad has been gone for 2 weeks in Nashville? Who knew..."

11 Signs You Grew Up With A Parent Who Traveled A Lot For Work

As a child, I was entertained when the girl in my class would be crying to her mom asking her not to leave when she would be dropped off to school. All I could think was "Girl, Sit. Down. My dad has been gone for two weeks. IN ORLANDO. WITHOUT ME. You can survive 7 hours" I can say growing up with a father who traveled a lot for work made things quite entertaining, and I bet those who dealt with the same thing can agree! So, here's a nostalgic list of signs you grew up with a parent who traveled a lot for work. I ain't talking about a two day trip to Detroit, sweety.

1. You have a sweatshirt from every metropolitan city in the US.

Chances are, you've never even been to these cities, but they are stuffed into your closet and you have plenty of options for a cold evening!

2. You also have random souvenir trinkets around your room from when you were a kid

I loved that impressive snow-globe collection I had thanks to my dad. Now they just collect dust on my dresser, but don't you DARE throw them away mom!

3. It was never surprising that he/she is gone for a long time

Maybe the first time it was a pretty dramatic moment to not see your parent every day, but now, it's normal. Sometimes I don't even recognize it! Which brings me to the next point.

4. You're never told that they are leaving

I was talking to my dad the other day on the phone. We were chatting on about school and so on, where he then nonchalantly said "Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, I've been in Naples, Florida for the last ten days." Most kids would be off the walls wondering why they wouldn't be told, but me, meh.

5. Your family's "vacations" were secretly work trips

That trip to Denver was awesome! But we all know why we were really there! The plus side though is that they are pretty unique trips! Most families go to Myrtle Beach for vaca, but us, let's switch it up and go to Oakland!

6. You get suspicious with the amount of times they have to go to Las Vegas for "work"

C'mon Pops, why are you really there?

7. Your parent knows the most random people

Nothing is more confusing than when you're in San Francisco, go into a restaurant, and the waiter, manager, cook, and janitor all swarm up to your dad yelling "HEY! KEN!!! How've you been man?!" Your mom/dad always begins their sentences with "Oh! I know this friendly woman from South Korea" or "I met this great guy from Colombia" Who are these people?! How do you know all of them?! You're parent is a total social butterfly and is friends with anyone. May it be that bellboy in NYC, the waiter in Paris, or the Black Jack dealer in the Belagio in Las Vegas (Once again Pops, why are you really there?)

8. Up in the Air hits home

Gosh darnit George Clooney, why do you gotta make me shed a manly tear?

9. Eating nothing but fast food when they are gone

All my dad wanted when he returned home was a home cooked meal, so when he was gone, it was KFC and Chipotle every night for dinner! Momma needs a break from the kitchen!

10. You became a pro-traveler at a young age

You have a masters degree in traveling. You go lighting speed in airport security, pack your luggage like a trained athlete, and you become SUCH a primadona when you have to fly Southwest and not United... ugh....

11. Hotel points and Airline miles are a blessing

Because of your parents hard work, he/she is rewarded with hotel points and airline miles, which means you got to be the fellow travel buddy! Thanks to your parent, you got to see the world at a young age. So at the end of the day, all those times not seeing them at home was worth it, because you got to really be with them traveling the globe! And that is something you could never take for granted! Thanks Dad! Love ya!

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