11 Signs You're A Clumsy Person
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11 Signs You're A Clumsy Person

Because stairs are tricky, and walking is even harder.


There are some of us in the world that have been cursed with clumsiness. We are prone to the weirdest of injuries, the most unfortunate falls, and seem to always be on the lookout for the next thing we'll run into. I have been clumsy all my life, but this semester especially has led to some stranger injuries and clumsy moments. Here are 11 signs you're a clumsy person:

1. You have PTSD from certain staircases

You’ve become a natural at falling both up and down staircases. Some of these falls were so bad that you are now obligated to tightly grip the railing and walk extremely slowly, and carefully, on these stairs.

2. You get anxious at the first sign of snow because ice falls happen

While everyone else is taking in the beauty of the first snow of the season, you’re probably thinking “crap! snow means ice, and ice means falling”. The beauty of snow is only so great when you slip and land on your butt on the way to class.

3. Your friends take preventative measures for you

Your friends have become immune to your clumsiness, but if someone suggests something that requires too much coordination, they’ll speak up and shout NO!’ before you even get a chance to respond. They just really don’t want to see you fall or hurt yourself…again. And they've probably considered covering you in bubble wrap to make things easier.

4. You receive presents that cater to your clumsiness

People have noted how clumsy you are and want to do all they can to help prevent additional injuries. Therefore, they give you presents like band-aids or socks with gripping, hoping these will not lead to any more damage. But on the bright side, you always are stocked up with Elmo and Disney princess band-aids.

5. You’ve transformed tripping into its own art form

You have tripped so many times that you’re now a pro at playing it off like its no big deal.

6. You’ve almost tainted important milestones by being clumsy

As much as everyone should enjoy graduations, weddings, and birthdays, you are bound to create some sort of scene with a trip or bumping into an object. I may or may not have almost fallen while getting my high school diploma and sprained my ankle at my Bat Mitzvah, but who hasn’t?

7. You have the weirdest injury stories

Whenever people start swapping stories of their weird injuries, you always have plenty to contribute to the conversation. Like the time you sprained your back reaching for a phone charger, that’s a hard one to top.

8. You find random bruises from running into inanimate objects

Even though you’ve stop playing team sports, you are still covered in bruises as a result of walking into tables, chairs, and walls. It’s not that you do this intentionally, you just simply can’t help it.

9. You view “wet floor” signs as an intimidating challenge

These signs immediately induce fear inside of you. You don’t know if you need to find an alternate route, or just carefully step through the marked territory. But, if you make it through, it is a huge personal victory.

10. You amaze yourself (and others) that you can function in heels

People have often suggested that you opt for flats instead of heels, but you’re stubborn and heels are cute so you do it anyway. And somehow, you seem to manage better in heels that you do in regular shoes - sometimes.

11. You’ve embraced your clumsiness because there’s no other way

Like it or not, you are a clumsy person. And you’ve embraced it. You know that you’re not the most coordinated. You have a back-up stash of ace bandages, braces, and ice-packs at all times. And you have definitely fallen or walked into something in the past week. But that’s just who you are, a proud but clumsy person.

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