At 20-years-old, I still seem to encounter people who think its entertaining to use their spare time to start drama, make rude comments or just be flat-out mean. I really thought that was a middle school thing, but apparently there are people who act like that for their entire lives. Not only do I really not get it (I don't understand what the point is to being mean to someone is in the first place), I also don't understand why people would waste extra time and energy to go out of their way to make other people upset. Are you expecting good conflict resolution out of that? Is it a fun hobby to make yourself look bad when you shit-talk other people? Do you not have anything else to do with your free time? (Seriously I could sign you up for some clubs...)

The most recent attack that came my way was for simply doing my job. The person decided to go after my major. I'm a political science and philosophy double-major, pre-law. If attacking my major is the worst shade you can throw at me, I'm feeling pretty good over here. However, I do feel bad for you because people like that are clearly searching for attention or something to do with all the spare time they have to attack others. But, have no fear! The next time someone tries to throw shade your way here's a list of new activities you can suggest to them to fill the obvious gaping holes in their free time:

1. "Wow, with the time and commitment it took you to type that message you probably could have learned most of the alphabet backwards already!"

2. "Hey if you're bored I hear that juice cleanses are fun, if you have time to juice all your food."

3. "If my major is a joke you probably could have learned most of it in the time it took you to type that message. Better get to work."

4. "Did you forget Netflix is a thing available for your entertainment?"

5. *Send them Pinterest boards* "Some ideas to occupy your free time, friend :)"

6. "Ed Sheeran's new album is lit. How many times in a row can you listen to it with all that extra energy? Go."

7. "You seem pretty motivated to your cause but I bet you couldn't keep up that energy for an entire Harry Potter movie marathon."

8. "I hear knitting is really popular among the youths these days, looks like you might have some time to give it a try."

9."Man, you seem like you have a lot of spare time, you should try rewriting your class notes in different fonts. You know, for fun."

10. "But could you have said that in a different language? No? You should take one up with all your spare time!"

11. "You don't have to do less but literally just do anything else."