11 Common Beauty Fails
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11 Beauty Fails All Girls Know Too Well

Because being a girl can be hard sometimes

11 Beauty Fails All Girls Know Too Well

If you're a girl who enjoys doing a little glam, whether it be everyday or every once in a while, I'm sure you can relate to at least one of the things on this list of common beauty fails.

1. Sneezing after applying the perfect mascara

You know the feeling. Whole face is done, and now you just need to put on some mascara to finish up your look. You finish applying it, and it looks great. You're admiring your beautiful, yet still a little wet, mascara in the mirror when it happens---- you sneeze and smear loads of black below your eyes. Now, you have to not only fix your mascara, but also your under eye area damaged by the sneeze.

2. Having to remind everyone that the burn on your neck IS from a curling iron

Yes, I know it looks like a hickey. No, I'm not lying. I took the time to sit here with my wand forever to try and get the perfect curl, and instead I got a huge mark on my neck that resembles a love mark from the boyfriend I don't have.

3. Buying a twist product and it not working, like, at all

I don't know why I continue to buy products that you have to twist to have the product disperse, because each time I end up cranking for hours with not a drop of product in sight. Waste of money, waste of time, yet I still keep falling into their trap.

4. Bedridden Bad Fake Tan

When you get too many hours at work and not enough sun, you can get real envious of your friends golden tans. It can be tempting to get in your car and drive to your local drugstore and buy a selfless tanner-- but you run the risk of looking like an orange zebra if you don't rub it in well enough. You'll hear it until you can exfoliate it off-- "Why is your *insert body part* so orange!?"

5. Eyelash glue seems to not work on the inner corners of your eye

You've got a big event, makeup all done up, and now to finish it off you've got the perfect pair of fake lashes. You apply the glue, let it get tacky and attempt to apply them. All is well for maybe an hour max, and then your inner corner starts to peel up. 95% of the time too, you left your lash glue at home, so you're stuck hoping that a gust of wind doesn't blow your lash off completely. Pro-tip: Always take the glue. You're gonna need it.

6. The one day you decide to straighten your hair…

For me at least, I rarely straighten my hair. It takes too much time and makes me break a sweat, so it's a rare occasion that I take the time to do it. But, when I finally decide to, it either rains nonstop, or is so humid that my curls end up coming back out anyways. Never fails.

7. Lighting is Everything… Really.

You wake up early in the morning and do your makeup for the day. In the mirror, you look great. You step outside? You look like a fresh picked Florida orange.

8. Not blending onto your neck

If you know your foundation isn't your shade and don't blend onto your neck, you deserve the embarrassment

9. Not blending.. Well, anywhere

Harsh lines aren't cute, take the extra time to blend. It's worth it.

10. Winged eyeliner never turns out right

You successfully complete one eye with minimal labor, and think "Oh! It'll be just as easy on the other side!"


You'll rub your eye raw from the amount of makeup remover you have to use to fix your wings.

11. Lipstick seems to go anywhere but your lips

Your teeth, your chin, your skin above your lip-- it'll smear anywhere...Concealer really is your best friend.

And trust me, there is many, many more. If only it took us five minutes to get ready like it does for boys, we could avoid this whole mess.

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