Alright let’s get one thing straight, TINDER IS NOT JUST FOR HOOKUPS.

As we are just beginning our adult lives, there are relationships everywhere we go. Since we are out in the ‘big world’ we may sometimes feel like we are lost in the sea of fish. We are in a day and age where it is easier than ever to connect with people from just feet away from you, to the other side of the world. This also essentially means that we can find ‘love’ or whatever you want to call it in places we never thought we would.

Then comes in Tinder. It finds people in a certain radius of you that are essentially single and ready to mingle. It can be from feet away to states away. Crazy right? It’s a great way to meet people. Tinder has sort of a bad reputation for being a ‘hook up’ app but I think differently, and here are a few reasons why I think so.

1. You meet people you never thought you'd meet.

2. You have a confidence boost when you swipe right, and they swipe right too…it’s a match!!

3. Gives you an excuse to put yourself out there.

4. You’d be surprised on how spontaneous dates can be. (Literally planned one like minutes before)

5. Free food (if you’re the girl, sorry boys!)

6. You don’t have to kiss, it can just be hanging out. (Ice cream dates, hint hint)

7. They can be the most random dates. (I one time walked someone to class and I mean, I guess it was a date.)

8. Gives you an excuse to get all dressed up. Sometimes putting on a full face of makeup and a cute outfit is all you need to boost your confidence.

9. You feel better about yourself when you find a match. It’s like the gods have answered you…in a way.

10. You can maybe even find a relationship if that is what you want. Several of my friends have found their partner on Tinder.

11. The amount of funny pickup lines that you get are quite creative, and very funny.

In all, I’m saying Tinder is great. Either it’s just because you’re bored and want the laughs (why I’m on it) or that you want to just meet people and put yourself out there. Give it a try. Each day is never the same.