11 Reasons Why Shakespeare Was Actually WILD
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11 Reasons Why Shakespeare Was Actually WILD

11 Reasons Why Shakespeare Was Actually WILD

  1. HE WAS A FEMINIST! Shakespeare included female characters with very feminist and progressive plot lines.
  2. He would often use sexual innuendos and it can get dirty. He was the KING of dick jokes.
  3. He was Bisexual. Many of his writings referred to multiple men and women in a romantic way.
  4. He invented the original "yo mama joke".
  5. Anne Hathaway was three months pregnant when they got married. Those shotgun weddings aren’t anything new, people.
  6. Nobody knows where he was from 1585-1592. Besides speculation, there are no records during this time of what Will was up to. Maybe he was off taking a break from the spotlight in the Caribbean!
  7. He was friends with members of the royal family.
  8. He was very wealthy and owned much land which was uncommon for artists. BAH BLANG!
  9. He lived a double life. While he was a renowned playwright in London, at his hometown of Stratford, he was a respected businessman and father. Take that Hannah Montana!
  10. Even though Catholicism was illegal during his lifetime, he was believed to be a practicing Catholic. Living outside the law!
  11. He's so cool he got a shoutout in the bible. Since he was kicking it with King James, when the King wrote his version of the bible, the 46th word of Psalm 46 is “shake” and the 46th word from the end of the psalm is “spear”. It was published on Shakespeare’s 46th birthday.
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