11 Reasons Why Hockey Is The Best Sport

Hockey is one of the greatest sports on the planet. Don't believe me? Here is a list of reasons why hockey is the best to not only watch but also play.

1. The die-hard fans

Every sport has their die-hard fans, but nothing compares to the die-hard's of hockey. Sitting in the 300 level nose bleed seats completely decorated in their teams gear is only half the job. Hockey fans travel far and wide to watch their team. They don't care about being the only one in the entire stadium representing their team, because their loyalty runs deep.

2. The big hits

The game of hockey is extremely tough and fast paced, making it exciting and always entertaining. Yet, nothing compares to seeing the huge hits hockey is known for. Nothing brings fans to their feet more than a player absolutely railing their rival

3. The fights

Fighting and big hits tend to go hand in hand with showing the toughness and competitiveness of hockey, but fights can sometimes be one of the reasons some people follow the sport. Nothing fires up a team, or lights up a stadium more than a good ole hockey fight. Whether you fight to pump up your team or because you genuinely want to fight the other person, hockey fights are always a good idea.

4. The cellys

Scoring a sick goal is one thing, but having a good celly is the cherry on top. If you light the lamp, its expected you finish it off with a celebration that'll not only get in the other teams head, but also make your fans just as excited as you. Regardless if its an empty netter, or a slap shot from the blue line a celly is always important.

5. Lord Stanley

The Stanley cup was named the best sport trophy by Fox Sports for many reasons. The cup stands at 35.25 inches and weighs about 34 pounds so not only is it huge in size, its also made of silver and nickel. Regardless the size, every hockey player and fan dreams of being able to lift the cup above their head or kiss it, symbolizing they are apart of the best hockey team in the world. The cup is filled with tradition that has been passed down to every player and coach to have ever won it since 1893. One of those traditions being each player having their name engraved into the sides of the cup, ensuring that their victory would never be forgotten.

6. The boys

Hockey players of every level can agree that the sport wouldn't be the same without their teammates. The bonds they have with each other bring an entire new meaning to the word "bromance" the love they have for each other is truly more of a brotherhood rather than just teammates. They are not only loyal to each other on the ice but also off. Regardless the outcome of the game, you will always have your boys by your side.

7. Roadies

Every hockey player has told me all about how "roadies with the boys" are so much fun. Doesn't matter if you're in AAA, juniors, college, or even NHL. Road trips are always fun and a great opportunity to make some team chemistry. What could possibly be better than pushing hotel beds together to make a massive bed for you and the boys to cuddle on after a big game?

8. Community involvement

Regardless if it's an NHL, Junior hockey, or college team, every teams community comes together to support their players and coaches. Hockey players show the love right back by volunteering and thanking all their supporters for their loyalty. Nothing ismore heart warming than hockey players spending time with kids.

9. The flow

Hockey players tend to strive to have the best hair on their team, and obviously impress the ladies. Having amazing hair and hands is the ultimate goal for every player. Hockey hair is essential to having a winning team on and off the ice.

10. The fan base as a whole

Regardless your team, all hockey fans come together for the love of the game. Doesn't matter wht sweaters we wear on game day, or what city we love. Hockey fans love hockey. Our loyalty isn't just to our teams, but to our sport.

11. For the girls

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