11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch Queer Eye
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11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch Queer Eye

11 reasons why everyone should watch Queer Eye at least once in their lives!

11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch Queer Eye
The Outline

The reboot of the hit makeover show Queer Eye came out on Netflix in early February, and it has already been renewed for a second season that will debut later this year. With the tagline of, “The original show was fighting for tolerance. Our fight is for acceptance," Queer Eye is a show that fights to break boundaries. I honestly can say that is one of the most inspiring shows I have seen in a long time and that is why I have assembled a list of reasons why everyone should watch the show at least once.

1. The Amazing Makeovers

While this may be the most obvious reason, the makeovers on queer eye are truly amazing. Tan France, the fashion expert, Johnathan Von Ness, the hair expert, and Karamo Brown, the culture expert, help transform the guys into more confident and self-assured individuals. Plus, it's truly inspiring to see how a simple haircut can completely transform a guy's persona.

2. The Feels!

The show is definitely more emotional than the original Queer Eye, which was much more filled with cheesy hijinks and funny moments. The reboot offers a lot of feel-good moments that often cause tears of joy. I myself teared up during the pilot episode when they transformed a shy and self-deprecating old man named Tom who said they "can't fix ugly" into a confident, uplifting happier individual. The show just offers all the feels for when you need a good ugly cry or a feel-good moment.

3. Johnathan's Sassy Phrases

Not only does Johnathan give the "heroes" life-changing haircuts and beauty tips, but he also defiantly adds extra sass and entertainment to the show. He's even provided us with his amazing sayings like, "can you believe?!" "strugs to func" and "yas queen." Also, the way that he calls everything and everyone "her" is just so cute and somehow uplifting.

4. Antoni's Amazing Food Tips

Not only is Antoni a grade A cutie, but he is also an amazing chef. The food tips he gives during the episodes are truly Pinterest-worthy and are recipes that any non-chef could follow.

5. Karamo's Inspiring Life Advice

With Karamo's advice, someone with the lowest self-esteem could become a confident and self-loving individual. He truly makes everyone feel more confident and helps everyone see what makes them special and unique. He also gives the best life talks and advice!

6. Tan's Style and Fashion Sense

Tan has one of the best styles I've ever seen. He has an amazing fashion sense and knows how to style each individual person to bring out their uniqueness and personality.

7. Bobby's Extreme Home Makeovers

I love a good home makeover, and Bobby's makeovers definitely do not disappoint. He adds a touch of class and style to every space he touches. Also, he definitely has the biggest job out of the entire Fab Five, he has to transform an entire house!

8. The Fab Five's Friendship

The friendship and supportiveness between the guys are truly refreshing in an age where catfights and drama are a frequent occurrence on reality T.V. The way they all support and love each other is quite uplifting and adds a joyous undertone to the show!

9. They Still Stay in Touch With the "Heroes" They Makeover

The guys regularly stay in touch with the heroes they makeover on their show. Johnathan regularly posts pictures of how their makeover guys are doing now. Also, Antoni admitted to GQ Magazine, that Neal, from the second episode, still regularly texts him on a daily basis with photos of his cooking creations. So, this shows the fab five truly cares about their makeover recipients.

10. They Tackle Difficult and Emotional Topics

Within the first couple of episodes, they tackled several situations dealing with racism, homophobia, and police brutality. What made it even better was that they truly handled these topics with open minds and open hearts. One of the most heartwarming scenes is when Karamo and Cory Waldrop, the makeover recipient, have a heart to heart on police brutality. Karamo and Cory both learn new things about the other's perspective, and it truly shows the importance of understanding the other side of the story in today's political climate.

11. It's Light-Hearted and Entertaining!

With all the intense and drama-filled shows out there now of days, it's so important to have a feel-good, light-hearted show that you can just sit back and enjoy. The show brings nothing but positive energy, and it will definitely brighten your day!

So, hopefully, these reasons have inspired you to start watching Queer Eye on Netflix! It truly is an uplifting show and it is something that everyone should have a chance to watch, at least once!

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