11 Reasons Why Central Jersey Absolutely Exists

If you are from New jersey and live in the Central Jersey area you most likely have had someone bring up the argument that where you live doesn't exist.

New jersey has its fair share of undeniable stereotypes and we find ourselves having to defend our state and constantly prove haters wrong.

New Jersey is actually an amazing place to live, and I'm sure you've had someone who lives there talk about pizza and bagels like it's their day job, but that's because it is. We have to continuously prove how great of a place Jersey really is!

Now, don't get me wrong the Jersey shore show did not give us the best reputation but if you take a trip up to Central Jersey you might just see that jersey is way bigger and nicer than what you saw on TV.

I'm here to prove to you that despite all the Jersey Shore criticism the one thing that will stand true in court amongst your haters is that central jersey does in fact exist.

And now you are probably saying, "Hmmmm, central Jersey that's not even real.."

Oh yes, it is folks. I'm not even sure where this beef began but it is indeed a real place. Here are 11 reasons that prove that's the case:

1. Read it and weep

Spitting straight facts at all the haters if you look at this extremely convenient map above you can see just where the lines are cut separating north from south and right there in the middle is good ol' central Jersey!!

2. Ever hear of a little placed called Rutgers?

That big school in New Jersey.... welp hate to shatter your world but Rutgers is located in Central Jersey. Not north, not south, central.

3. We eat Pork Roll.

In Central Jersey we eat what it is, it is not Taylor Ham, we eat Pork roll.

4. It's the home of Springsteen and Bon Jovi.

Not only does Central Jersey exist, it has some pretty cool famous people come from there.

5. Our food is better than yours.

Don't even get us started on the bagels and pizza, Central Jersey might be the best place to live in the entire state...

6. We have great malls.

Menlo, Woodbridge or Bridgewater.

7. Um hello, Central Jersey diners!

If you've never been to a classic Central Jersey diner we cannot trust you.

8. NY teams vs. Philly teams

Being in Central Jersey means having New York up north and Philly down south so we find ourselves being extremely conflicted when it comes to our sports teams.

9. Let the stats talk for themselves.

We are 3 million residents and 170 towns strong.

10. We have our own area codes...

908, 732 or maybe even 848.

11. We have a website.

Enough said.

Shout out to all my fellow Central Jersians in Hunterdon, Somerset, Union, Middlesex, and Mercer counties. If you're from this great place that does in fact exist, take the quiz to see just how Central Jersey you are.

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