10 Things You Only Hear True Jersey Girls Say

If you know a Jersey Girl, consider yourself lucky.

We are some of the best girls you will ever meet. Yes, we don't pump our gas or eat pizza and bagels from any other state, but that just comes along with our sassy personalities and tan skin. But before you get ready to bring up the Jersey Shore thing, let me tell you were not all "Jersey Shore material."

And no it is not an accent, we are saying it right and you're clearly just wrong.

1. "Lets go to the shore."

Let me reiterate we are not all from the Jersey Shore cast, Jersey is actually a pretty big place with a ton of other places to be from! But we do go down to the "shore" never the beach.

2. "Get me a glass of Wahter"

It is not "Worter."

3. "I need a Dunkin cawfee a.s.a.p."

It is not 'cohfee.'

4. "Aw, look at the dawg!"

And it is most definitely not pronounced dog.

5. "What do you mean you pump your own gas, you don't have people for that?"

Yes, once again we do not pump our own gas, once we leave our own state we are clueless.

6. "Let me get a large pie to go."

Pizza is referred to as a pie, and that's the end of that discussion.

7. "Wawa."

We are obsessed with it, I still don't fall into the hype but I know it's a thing.

8. "Hand me the E-Z pass"

Heading down the shore or into the city you need your E-Z pass, it's crucial.

9. "Central Jersey is real, ok!"

This is my most used phrase, it's real I live there I swear.

10. "It's Pork Roll."

Saving the greatest New Jersey argument for last, it is not Taylor Ham.

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