With the success of the Marvel movies, DC has decided they need to be in on the action. Needless to say there wasn’t that great of a response to their first two attempts at superhero movies ("Man of Steel," "Batman vs Superman"), but "Suicide Squad" has been anticipated and there were some good reasons to be excited about it. Last time we saw Joker was when Heath Ledger played him and no one felt they could take on that feat. Have we seen Harley Quinn in a movie within the last decade? No. These were two main reasons people were excited for "Suicide Squad" and then there was Will Smith acting in a main role for the first time in a few years. All reasons to be excited. So why did this movie get such bad critics reviews (26 percent on rotten tomatoes!) and such good audience reviews (64 percent!)? In all honesty, I’m not really going to focus on the why of how it got such bad reviews, but I will go ahead and list reasons I think it was such a good movie.

1. This is the last DC movie Zack Snyder gets to touch—I’d say that’s reason enough, but there are more to follow.

2. It was fun. Not many movies can just boast that they are fun. But this one definitely can.

3. The soundtrack is to die for. Literally. The soundtrack was perfect. I definitely recommend buying it because holy heck. It’s amazing.

4. Harley Quinn—Margot Robbie was perfect as Harley Quinn. No joke. She channeled all of that crazy so very well. It was astounding!

5. The Joker—many people may disagree, but I really liked Leto as The Joker. He played the part so well.

6. The humor!! Can you think of a DC movie that has come out in the past decade with this type of humor? No? Neither can I.

7. The people in charge of costumes and makeup—are you kidding me? That is some intense stuff! They made each character look just like their comic book self so, yay!

8. It’s not BvS. Need I say more?

9. It sets the universe up for Justice League! Holla!! That movie seems as though it will be great!

10. It introduces The Flash and we all love The Flash. (Ezra Miller, anybody?!)

11. The critics hated it, but the audience loved it. There must be a reason and if it isn’t on this list, I’m sure it will still be a good reason!

I know this movie isn't necessarily going to be the best, nor will it probably be anyone's ultimate favorite if they aren't just looking for something fun, but I am sure that all of the negativity surrounding it is just because they were expecting something else. They may have even been expecting another obviously Zack Snyder film...it isn't that. It is fun and even though it is somewhat dark, it isn't without it's funny parts. Definitely worth a watch before judging it too harshly.

Here are the trailers, so that if after reading this you were interested in watching them.