11 Reasons to Date Your Exact Opposite
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11 Reasons to Date Your Exact Opposite

Otherwise, it's like you're dating yourself.

11 Reasons to Date Your Exact Opposite

Whether you like it or not, the phrase "opposites attract" is 100% true. Some will accept the fact, and others will deny it claiming that there is "nothing to talk about" or that "there's no way it would last". The truth is, well in my opinion, dating your clone would be flat out boring. 

So instead of looking for that perfect boy that will complete your checklist, step out of the box and look for maybe something completely opposite. To convince you more, I made a list onto why you should ditch similarities and find your opposite. 

1. You learn a lot about yourself. Dating someone who is completely different then you, gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself (both good and bad), and helps you understand your true colors.

2. They always give the best advice. Half the time your "other half" can play devil's advocate as you dwell on a problem, and the other half they see the world differently then you giving you advice that you might not even have thought of. 

3. You are forced to break out of your shell. Whether it's going out to the Hill, or staying in you are forced to do things that you might not have done before. It could be a concert, eating a new type of food, or just relaxing you learn to do things you might not have done without your boyfriend/girlfriend. Learning to love new activities (or hating them). 

4. Digging deeper is a must. Rather than the basic drama with your best friend or who did what, not knowing all the same people and liking the same things, you are forced to dig deeper at conversations that might get you a little bit farther then this weekend. You learn about the true self of your boyfriend/girlfriend as well as think of things you might not have thought about before dating them. 

5. You learn to compromise. With such differences, you learn how to be patient creating a common ground for the two of you.

6. There's less judgement. Rather than being criticized, they hold your hand throughout the way as you discover yourself on a deeper level and help pull you forward to things you might not have thought of doing before, or things you wouldn't have done without that push. 

7. Two completely different friend circles. You are introduced to a whole new world of people, with more different thoughts and interests. Even though it can be hard at first, it's a benefit in the long run. 

8. There are always surprises. You never know what's in store, it could be a fun new concert or it could be cooking a new dish, or a date you never expected. 

9. You create a good balance. Being opposites can be difficult at first, but give it a little time, and you will realize the balance will keep you grounded but also help you grow as a person. As opposites, you are used to doing things a certain way and can often be stubborn in thought but dating your opposite gives you the chance to compromise and still have fun, while balancing each other out, making you a well rounded individual. 

10. New ideas. Put your two heads together, and since there are so many differences the common ground forces you to come up with new ideas that you might not have thought of talking to those who are similar with you. Be creative, create a bucket list for the two of you! 

11. The love is stronger. There might be cold feet at first, but once you give it a shot, the love is 100% stronger. That's because you are loving them for them, not your interests, but for who they are. You learn to compromise and you learn to love everything about them. The compromising, the balancing, and the little steps all add up causing you to fall head over heels and experience a strong bond. 

There are tons of fish in the sea, and dating your opposite might not be for everyone, but it is always worth a shot. Learning about someone completely different from you can be a bit frustrating and long, but give it a few and I reassure there will be no regrets. The love is worth the run. 

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