11 Rainy Day Activities In Charleston
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11 Rainy Day Activities In Charleston

A beautiful city known for its charm and torrential downpours.

11 Rainy Day Activities In Charleston
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Charleston is a beautiful city full of outdoor activities. There are beaches, parks and all kinds of tours. The history of the city is in the outdoors. Unfortunately, Charleston also happens to be a city that downpours frequently. If you're a local, then you know that you can't check the weather for the city until the day of because almost every day says, “Cloudy," until that morning. And why does it always seem like it rains on the weekends only? If you're a tourist, then booking your vacation months in advance means succumbing to the fates of the weather. If it does rain here in Charleston, don't let it rain on your parade! We have plenty of indoor, rainy day activities for you to enjoy.

1. Museums

Because of Charleston's rich history, there are many museums to wander through. Historic Homes and Museums of all kinds belong to Charleston's Museum Mile. Below is a list of museums downtown.

Charleston Museum

Gibbes Museum of Art (will re-open May 28, 2016)

Historic Homes

Joseph Manigault House

The Aiken-Rhett House

Edmondston-Alston House

Heyward Washington House

Nathanial Russel House

Calhoun Mansion

2. Aquarium

Charleston is home to the South Carolina Aquarium! The Aquarium boasts a two story "Great Ocean Tank," full of sharks, a loggerhead turtle, an eel and many different fish species. There "touch tank" on the second floor, where you can hold sea urchins, starfish and pet stingrays. It is also home to the only sea turtle hospital in South Carolina.

3. Candle making classes

Candlefish is a local candle store downtown that offers candle-making workshops on Wednesdays and weekends. These classes turn you into a chandler for a day! You choose from about 20 of the 100 scents used to make the Candlefish candles, and you will bring home two scented candles that you make all by yourself! The best part? It's BYOB!

4. Sky Zone

Bring out your inner child! Sky Zone, located in Mount Pleasant, is an indoor trampoline park fit for kids, adults or young adults who aren't ready to grow up. It's only a quick drive away, and Tuesday nights are college discount nights!

5. Comedy Club

What's a better way to cure the rainy day blues than with laughter? Theatre 99 has shows daily to get you laughing. Check out their website to order tickets online.

6. Cooking Classes

Do rainy days make you want to eat all day? Luckily, Charleston has Charleston Cooks!, a kitchen store that offers culinary classes. The classes range from a taste of the Lowcountry to brunch to even Italian! Chefs from Charleston will teach you how to make delicious dishes that you will then devour.

7. Escape in 60

Have you ever wanted to break into a bank or escape from a murderer? You can attempt to do so in only one hour at Escape in 60, an attraction that just opened in downtown Charleston. It's perfect for a group of friends on a rainy day.

8. Doc Street Theatre

Doc Street Theatre was the first building in America used for theatrics. It is still functioning and offers shows nightly.

9. Music Hall / Music Farm

Jam out to an indie band or electronic funk at the local music venues in Charleston. Music Hall offers seating, while Music Farm has an open floor, allowing you to push forward in order to make eye contact with your favorite musician.

10. Cinebarre

Although there are no movie theaters downtown in Charleston, the surrounding areas have some. The best, though, is the one that lets you eat pizza and a milkshake while watching your movie. Cinebarre lets you do two lazy things on a rainy day simultaneously!

11. The Alley

Up for some bowling? The Alley, located downtown, is a great spot for fierce rainy day competition. Really bad at bowling? They have a three bars, and you can be really good at drinking!

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