11 Poke-facts From Someone Who Hasn't Really Seen Pokemon
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11 Poke-facts From Someone Who Hasn't Really Seen Pokemon

My Extremely Limited Knowledge of Pokemon

11 Poke-facts From Someone Who Hasn't Really Seen Pokemon

I'm one of those people who haven't really gotten into anime until college, but can talk about it because in high school, they've seen a few animes like Ouran High School Host Club, Attack on Titan, and Death Note. I watched a few episodes of Pokémon in elementary and middle school, but didn't really understand it because of lingering chemo fog. Now it's something I binge watch on breaks. So, without further ado, here is my limited knowledge of Pokémon based on the few episodes I've seen and what I've heard from friends.

1. Pikachu

So, there's this lightning mouse named Pikachu, and he was a wild Pokémon, and in the first few episodes of Indigo League, he wouldn't get in the damn Pokeball! They also found this girl named Dawn, who was mean to Ash, but wanted to be his friend at the same time? Then, she told him that if he wants his Pokémon to be stronger, they would have to use this mill thing to electrocute Pikachu, and literally ten seconds into it, she said, "Hey this might kill him", and they just kept going. When used in battle, sometimes he electrocutes the Pokémon masters? Owners?

2. Pokémon Types

Okay, so there are multiple types of Pokemon (for example, the penguin one, called Piplup, is a water Pokemon) and different types are compatible with one another for battle.

3. Brock

Brock is a Pokémon trainer that also takes care of his 20 little siblings at an orphanage. Then in the same episode, three minutes later, his estranged father shows up, and he's like, "hey, someone to take care of my little siblings while I go off into the woods with this stranger I just met. See ya!"

4. Phanpy

THIS one resembles an elephant.

5. Snorlax

THAT one sleeps like Totoro!

6. Cubone

This one wears the skull of its dead mother.

7. Togepi!!

This is a healing Pokémon that helps Nurse Joy.

8. Weeeeee!!!!

I guess that's what it looks like when they battle.

9. I Vaguely Know What A Jigglypuff Is

He looks like Kirby!

10. Ash

This kid leaves his house Kiki's Delivery Service style, and his mom's like "okay", and he's perpetually ten years old.


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