11 Pinterest Life Hacks Everybody Can Use
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11 Pinterest-y Life Hacks You Love If You're An OG Pinterest Pinhead

Having a Pinterest account really changes your life.


No one truly knows what they are missing out on until they make the decision to download one of the absolute best apps ever created... Pinterest! Stepping into the world of Pinterest is like exploring a brain filled with millions of ideas and life hacks for basically anything you could imagine.

For any of you who are a true Pinterest person, you will understand these 11 Pinterest-y life decisions.

1. I can't find an outfit...

As soon as you have an event to go to or just a night out, and you want to dress cute but don't know what to wear? Yep, that's when Pinterest becomes your personal fashion designer. All you have to do is type in fall, summer, winter, or even dinner outfits and you can literally search for hours until you find the one.

2. I need a good quote...

You know when you're struggling with an Instagram caption, or maybe just need some inspiration or relation to the mood your in, and Pinterest is also your personal therapists. Typing in "motivational" will lead you to hundreds of thousands of quotes and links to videos for any quote imaginable.

3. I want to redecorate my room...

Having trouble deciding color schemes or what type of wall decorations to hang? Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! You know that just by typing in "red colored room" all of your wildest dreams and room goals will scroll in front of your eyes. No need to spend hours watching HGTV when Pinterest has your need at the click of a button.

4. I need a gift idea...

Have wedding shower, birthday or even Christmas coming up? Can't decide on a gift? You guessed it! Pinterest has ideas for that too. Gift baskets, DIY gifts, even ways to wrap gifts besides just throwing them in a gift bag. You always turn to Pinterest in your times of needs like this.

5. I need some new recipes...

When you are feeling like whipping up something new for dinner, maybe you want to try more crock pot recipes, and Pinterest is the biggest cookbook you will ever find. It honestly doesn't matter what or how you want to make something, Pinterest really has it all.

6. I wonder if I can find help with my homework...

Pinterest has loads of ideas and links to assist with almost any degree you are pursuing. For example, I never thought I would've found so many things about radiology on Pinterest, but there was a whole other world of radiology inspired Pins!

7. I need to find a quick craft idea...

Most of us don't have time for long hours of craft classes or hoping we can just figure out something ourselves when it comes down to the time. Luckily on Pinterest you will find craft pins for anything and any season! It's funny how when almost any idea sparks into our head, the next solution is almost always Pinterest!

8. I'd like to find a quick at home workout...

There are always some days that are busier than others and you don't have time to run to the gym... Pinterest can also be your personal trainer in helping you find exercises from five to however many minutes for any body part you want to work on.

9. I'm going on vacation, I wonder what's around the area...

Just a few months ago I ventured to London and Paris, but prior to going, I wanted to see if they had any fun or unique restaurants or shops I'd want to go to. So I went straight to Pinterest to see if I could find anything and now I have over 100 pins of different things.

10. I'd like to start a bucket list...

The easiest way, besides sitting down and writing one yourself, to create a bucket list is to Pinterest it! You can search bucket list ideas or things you'd like to do such as "swim with Dolphins" and you can save your whole bucket list at your fingertips.

P.S. It also might make you angry at your bank account

11. I need picture ideas...

Anytime I have family pictures coming up, or even when I had senior pictures coming up, I found all my cutest and best ideas on Pinterest. Couple pictures, self-portraits, family pictures, and even animal pictures! Pinterest has it ALL! It's honestly addicting.

Pinterest can honestly open a whole new world of creativity for some people like it did me, and now after using it for so so many things, I feel like Pinterest is one of my dearest friends and sidekicks. I will be Pinterest-y for life!

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