11 Musical Theatre Songs To Get Stuck In Your Head

In high school, I was such a theater dork and I was proud of it. Since being in college I haven't done a show and my heart is actually aching. So I just live vicariously through Spotify. So now everyone, the time has come for you to sit down and just straight listen to musical theater. I promise you that it is good for your soul. Also, I am so NOT sorry if you cannot get these songs out of your head;)

1. Mamma Who Bore Me - Spring Awakening

2. As Long As You're Mine - Wicked

3. Alexander Hamilton - Hamilton

4. Dead Girl Walking - Heathers

5. Going Back To Hogwarts - A Very Potter Musical

6. I'm Not That Girl - Wicked

7. The Schuyler Sisters - Hamilton

8. Bitch Of Living - Spring Awakening

9. Seventeen - Heathers

10. So Much Better - Legally Blonde

11. Let's Hear It For The Boy - Footloose

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