11 Of The Most Underrated Disney Movies

11 Of The Most Underrated Disney Movies

Face it, you probably haven't seen most of these.

Face it, everyone loves a good Disney movie.

I've never understood how people have limited their Disney obsession to just their childhood years. There's nothing better than finding an old favorite, sitting on the couch, eating popcorn and singing along to every song. Admit it, everyone scrolls through Netflix at some point and sees all the Disney movies that they haven't heard about in forever. Rather than sighing and wondering why they wouldn't just put "Aladdin" onto Netflix already (this is a serious issue, people), I embrace these underrated movies. You'd be surprised at how good some of them are.

So, next time you decide to "Disney movies and chill," make sure to check out one (or more) of these underrated Disney flicks!

1. Hercules

I could go on and on about this movie for ages. There is not one single bad part of this movie. I'd be lying if I told you that Hercules wasn't my celebrity crush!

2. All of the Lilo and Stitch sequels

Come on! Don't tell me you didn't want to find out what life was like for Stitch on Earth! I know that by the end of the first movie I was just about ready to reach into the TV and grab Stitch to keep as my own.

3. Fantasia

The breathtaking music that went along so perfectly with the amazing animation is sure to make you smile. There is no scene that is more iconic than when Mickey conducted the mops so perfectly.

4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

If you're into dark movies, this one is for you. This movie may have tested Disney boundaries at the time with its dark nature, but it's got the classic powerful feel that any good Disney movie can give off.

5. A Goofy Movie

This is perfect for any college student dealing with leaving their parents! No one does it more gracefully than Goofy, though.

6. Meet The Robinsons

If you don't remember the "I have a big head, and little arms!" scene, then you haven't lived.

7. James and the Giant Peach

This one isn't any normal Disney movie. What sets this movie apart from something like Sleeping Beauty is its use of claymation, rather than typical animation.

8. The Sword in the Stone

This is also another classic Disney plot. The boy struggles and ends the movie as king, no surprise there.

9. Tarzan

This is underrated, but still more well known than other movies on this list. How could anyone forget the amazing love story between Tarzan and Jane? Total relationship goals.

10. The Princess and the Frog

Everyone knows that Disney expected a lot more from this movie. I was excited to see a princess of color that was surrounded by beautiful jazz-inspired music. This movie was supposed to be a huge step in the progression of Disney princesses, but, sadly, it didn't get the recognition that it deserved.

11. The Lady and the Tramp

There's nothing more romantic than watching animals slurp spaghetti out of each others mouths.

Make sure to watch some of these! Give underrated Disney movies a try.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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'Roswell: New Mexico' is a Reboot That Works

'Roswell: New Mexico' brings a new life of diversity and inclusion to a show that explores alienation.


Being unemployed for the summer means that I have a lot of free time on my hands. I started CW's new show "Roswell: New Mexico" because I'm a huge fan of "The Vampire Diaries". The showrunner for TVD is also spearheading this show as well and though both shows are cheesy and a bit overdramatic, they really tap into something I love very dearly. They remind me of the melodramatic teen shows that I grew up watching, and frankly continue to devour with no remorse.

"Roswell: New Mexico" follows Liz Ortecho, a microbiologist back in her hometown to visit her father. Liz left the town after high school, her sister Rosa died in a drunk driving accident, taking two other girls' lives. Liz quickly rekindles an old flame from high school: Max Evans who also happens to be an alien. When Max heals her from a bullet wound after being shot, Liz learns about the underground Alien life that has always been in Roswell.

Being a reboot of an early 2000's teen show, I did not expect this show to handle such delicate topics. You know, it's a cheesy CW show, I knew what I was in for when I started it. But the show takes time to weave social issues into its narrative. Liz's father is an illegal immigrant, and there are so many consequences they both must deal with because of it. There are certain things she cannot do in fear of her father getting taken by ICE, including bringing him to the hospital when he's ill. The show gives us racist characters as well, which the main characters are unfazed by since this is normal to them. There are gay and bisexual characters, who get to fall in love and are given the chance to openly love who they love.

"Roswell: New Mexico" could've easily followed the original show and have an all-white cast. And I absolutely commend them for casting non-white actors to play non-white characters. They build a Roswell that would conceivably be real, just with an alien twist.

The show is a fun, enjoyable binge watch. I can't wait to watch season two when it airs, and I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a guilty pleasure watch.

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