11 Slang Terms Millennials Really Need To Stop Saying

If you are a millennial or anyone living in this generation you obviously hear the ridiculous things that we say on the regular. Once something hits the internet it becomes a trend, people turn everything into a meme on twitter and please a moment of silence for Vine, RIP to one of the greatest social media platforms ever created.

These days social media has the biggest influence over us millennials and all it takes is one stupid meme or dumb slang word and it ends up spreading like wildfire. Some of the most popular words and phrases are snagged from popular television shows or rap songs and with that, they end up becoming some of the most used forms of expression for millennials.

1. Lit

If you are in high school or college the word lit is most likely used when referring to a party you went to last night. We probably use this word in about every sentence we speak, unfortunately.

Urban Dictionary defines lit as "Something that is turned up or popping." For example:

John: Did you go to that party last night?

Sam: Yes that shit was lit.

2. Fam

This is most likely used to refer to people who aren't actually your fam but they are at the same time. Your squad or friend group is most likely referred to as your Fam.

Urban Dictionary said it best, "A word used to describe your peoples. Ones that you can trust dearly. Someone you consider family."

3. Bae

I'm personally so over this one, but still continue to use it. Shamefully it just works. You can call your best friend bae, your significant other bae or even your mom bae. For the sake of humanity I think we need to start limiting our use of this one in public but for now I guess it will do until something new comes along.

4. Fire

This one has recently been used to describe a mixtape or a really lit song. For example, I would refer to a Fetty Wap song by saying "Wow Fetty's new song is straight fire." It has many possibilities though, going hand in hand with lit. Really anything good can be described as Fire or Lit.

5. Turnt

Unfortunately, this one is still a thing. Whether you are getting turnt up (usually meaning getting drunk) or you're at a club that is "turnt" this word can be used in many ways. I personally think it's even more overused than swag and that's saying something.

6. Fleek

I feel like Beyonce is totally responsible for this one, or maybe it was Arianna Grande, who even knows. All I know is someone said their eyebrows were "On Fleek" and its been history ever since.

7. Af

Short for as F**k, but everyone just says Af now.

"Oh you live in Florida it must be hot af in the summer."

"Yea it is and it's actually cold af in the winter."

8. Treat Yo Self

I'd like to thank Aziz Ansari (Tom) from Parks and Recreation for this one. If you've never seen the show stop reading this right now and go watch it, but if you've never seen this scene in particular seriously stop and go watch it on YouTube.

Ever just feel like throwing all hell to the wind and dropping mad money at the mall? Never question it again, Treat Yo Self!

9. #Goals

Used to describe basically anything now a days. Either you see a relationship and claim it as Goals, or even a cute family, maybe even your hot friend group when you go out. Either way, anything can be #goals.


Blessings by Big Sean. That is all.

11. Swag

Last but certainly not least, swag. It may even be the most overused phrase of our generation to date. You know it's bad when adults start using our words.

One of my mom's favorite words is swag and she definitely overuses it, and my mom doesn't even own a computer. *instert eye rolling emojii here*

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