11 Life Lessons We Learned From Grey's Anatomy

My best friend in high school would constantly beg me to watch her favorite show with her all throughout high school, which happened to be Grey's Anatomy. Now, I'm not a terrible friend so I did watch about three and hated it. However, one drunken night after graduation, I somehow ended up promising her I would watch the first season with her. She miraculous got it on video and now I can say without qualms and reservation, having seen all episodes, that it is one of the best shows I have ever watched. It took her four years to get me to this point and I am so thankful she stuck with me on this because there are so many vital life lessons (along with drama, death, romance, and scandal) in this show. Here are some of the best advice and life lessons from Meredith and company throughout the years.

1.) Everyone needs their own person

This show invented the concept of having a person. We all just need that one person who is there no matter what.

Christina and Meredith are each other's people throughout the course of the show, but Meredith learns that you can have more than one person and be a person to more than just one person... if you catch my drift.

Even if you hate Izzie, you have to admit that she knows that everyone needs someone too.

We all just need someone who will help us through our dark and twisty moments.

2.) Tell people how you feel

This show is full of love and death and that is not a spoiler. They work in a hospital, fall in love, and die and Meredith gets that.

Come on people, take it from Mcsteamy if not from Mer.

3.) Work hard and be unstoppable

You have to work hard to get to the top. Don't be afraid to put work first from time to time.

4.) Life can be a bitch but you have to keep going

Shit happens. It happens to everyone all the time. You can hurt and you must acknowledge that pain, but you can't let it stop you. You have to keep living.

You can't let the shit that happens in life stop you. Callie's character was initially created to be a love interest and was meant to be hated by the cast, but she grew beyond that. A lot of shit goes on around her, she has to deal with a lot, and she keeps going.

You can survive.

5.) Live for yourself

You have to live for yourself because at the end of the day the only opinion that really matters is your own.

Other people may seem more important than you based on how much you truly love them, but they aren't the sun, you are.

6.) It is okay not to be okay 100% of the time

Be honest with yourself about how you feel. It's actually okay to not be happy all the time so there is no need to lie about how you are.

It is healthy to let things affect how you feel. You don't always have to be happy.

7.) Take the stairs

Now, if you don't actually watch Grey's, this might not make sense. However, anything can happen in an elevator. You could be an intern and need to perform open heart surgery on a cop.

Or you could have an awkward ride with an ex girlfriend, ex best friend, ex wife, and current girlfriend. Wow, now that just sounds like something out of a tv show. Oh wait.

8.) Your actions don't define you-- thank god

If it comes from Bailey, you can assure that it is right.

And if no one sees, it doesn't count right?

9.) Secrets can't be kept forever

There is an abundant amount of secrets in this show. Everyone has at least one secret and it always seems to come out to the public at the worst possible time. Grey's would probably be nothing without all of its secrets.

10.) Don't be afraid to be afraid

Richard Webber said it best.

Everyone gets scared. It is completely natural.

And one more for good luck.

11.) The carousel never stops turning

Life goes on. It doesn't stop for anyone.

The carousel doesn't ever stop. It doesn't give you time to heal, so you heal over time as more things happen. Your world may end but the earth keeps turning. It stops for no man.

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