11 Lessons "Grey's Anatomy" Has Taught Me
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11 Lessons "Grey's Anatomy" Has Taught Me

If you don't learn anything else from this show, remember that you too shine.

11 Lessons "Grey's Anatomy" Has Taught Me
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Everyone at some point in their life absolutely falls in love with a TV show, many have fallen in love with ABC's "Grey's Anatomy." I started watching it, and I fell in love with it because of the first two minutes of every show when Meredith talks and gives everyone life advice that always seems to stick. What I didn't realize was that there were more hidden lessons to be taught to viewers. The lessons I have learned from this show cannot be counted, but here are my top 11.

1. Family is not always blood.

Many of the doctors at Seattle Grace only have each other. Amelia states that she is the outcast in her family since she was an addict and she has to live up to what Derek has become. She said the Meredith is worth getting to know, because she is the first person that felt like a sister to her. Alex and Meredith go through life with less than perfect family members: Ellis dies, Alex fights his brother and his father, but no matter what happens in that hospital the doctor’s stick together like family. Friends are family that we choose; Amelia, Alex and Meredith agree.

2. Love will always find its way.

Derek and Meredith, must anymore be said? The ups and the downs, the tears and the smiles; after finding all of the wrong people they found each other. People are too quick to assume that love is lost and that they will never find it. When in doubt, think of all of the obstacles in Derek and Meredith’s way. If it worked for them, it will work for you.

3. Self-care is important.

No matter what your job is, you need to take care of yourself. The doctors work very long hours —

their first shift was 48 —but they are able to find a way to let loose, from tequila shots, to dancing, to Joe's bar and ferry rides. For a few seconds a day, they are able to remember that they too matter. So leave work, go for a car ride, take a bubble bath. There is only one of you, so take care of yourself

4. You need to find someone that is going to be your person.

Find your person and hold on tight. Cristina and Meredith are the ultimate best friends that many girls quote in their instagram photos. Find that person that will crawl into bed with you and watch TV, that will drink tequila with you on a bathroom floor, and will dance it out with you; after you do that don’t let go, no matter the distance.

5. Bad things are inevitable but you can’t let them bring you down.

Your mother, your sister, your father, and your husband may die like Meredith, but you have to keep chugging. Meredith started the show as a dark and twisted sister in a dark and twisty place, but as the show goes on she becomes more positive even though it seems as if things are just getting worse and worse for her. Try to look on the bright side, even though it can be so hard.

6. Everyone has a story that’s unique and meaningful.

Izzy was found in a magazine by a patient posing in her under garments. Not many people knew how she made her way through med school because she did not tell them and was embarrassed —

had this patient known, maybe it would have gone over better. April grew up in a religious family and although the doctors tease her it is very different and means something to her. When you meet people and don’t know them, remember that they too have a story.

7. Sometimes it's okay to be scared. It means that you have something to lose.

When Meredith was taken out of the water by Derek, he was so scared that she was not going to make it, at that point in the show he knew that he had someone to lose and that was the love of his life. In these scary moments you realize just how much you care and worry, and after that you don’t take these things for granted anymore. It is okay to be scared. If you weren’t scared to lose those you care for and love, I would be concerned.

8. Fight for what you want.

Derek and Meredith never give up on each other no matter what happens, whether it is that one of them is married or one messes up a clinical trial they fight for each others love, even once they have it. April and Avery fight for each other; April got home and fought to get Jackson back. Arizona fought for Kallie after their break, and for her change in fellowship. These doctors get where they want to because they fight for it.

9. Don't lose yourself chasing other people.

April lost herself chasing Jackson at the beginning — she abandoned her religious ideas, but was quickly able to see that. Cristina changed who she was in order to help Burke with his hand. No matter how much you think you may love someone, do yourself a favor and love yourself. Don’t lose yourself chasing other people.

10. Sometimes you have to let people in, no matter how hard it may be.

The dark and twisty sisters, Meredith and Cristina have trouble letting people in but as the show goes on you are able to see that they not only let each other in but coworkers and significant others as well. In letting others in they were able to

11. He's not the sun. You are.

If there is nothing else that you learn from this show, it is that you too shine.

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