11 Kinds Of People Who Drink Coffee
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11 Kinds Of People Who Drink Coffee

Whether you drink it black or loaded with sugar and cream, we can all agree that coffee is the key to a successful day.

11 Kinds Of People Who Drink Coffee

Coffee...what a beautiful drink. It's a friend to many, an acquaintance to some, and an enemy to others. Coffee is there to wake you up in the morning or keepyou up to finish your paper before the 12 A.M. deadline. Whether you drink it black or loaded with sugar and cream, we can all agree that coffee is the key to a successful day. It's not, but that's what I tell myself, so I don't fall asleep in the middle of my classes daily. What kind of coffee drinker are you?

1. The "I need coffee to function properly."

I'm sure we all know this person. Whether it's some random person in one of our classes or a friend, we can all agree that it is not enjoyable to be around this person before they have had their daily cup o' joe.

2. The "I have an 8 A.M."

8 A.M.'s are Satan's gift to the world. Coming across the sentence "I have an 8 A.M." causes you to think of endless amounts of coffee.

3. The "Oh my god, I have a paper due at 12 A.M. and I haven't started it yet."

What a wonderful feeling it is to remember you have a paper due in three hours. Specifically, one you haven't started. You run to your Keurig hoping you have coffee left because this not the time for a CVS run.

4. The "I don't even like coffee, but I guess I'll drink it anyway."

This one is strange. Why would you want to drink something you don't even like? Sometimes you must do things that you don't like to survive in this world. When Finals Week creeps around the corner, you know that you may have to sacrifice your taste buds.

5. The "I'll be late, but I need my Starbucks."

There's always that one person who believes the world will end if they don't get their daily Starbucks.

6. The Local Coffeeshop Drinker

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to go local with their coffee spots. At times, they can be claimed as hipsters. They love the peace of the local shop and seeing the same people every time they walk through the doors.

7. The Strictly Finals Time

I'm sure we've all been there. The endless amounts of papers, reviews, study guides, notes, and more to go through. Students who would never drink coffee are drowning themselves in the drink.

8. The One Who Only Drinks One Type of Coffee

Staying loyal to your favorite cup of coffee is nothing out of the ordinary. You may have your fancy drink that doesn't seem real or a pure black coffee.

9. The "I Forgot to Study"

Are you truly a student if you don't stay up until 3 A.M. studying and chugging multiple mugs of coffee? It's not uncommon to have that sudden heart attack because studying slipped your mind. This kind of coffee drinker might be the worst because it can come with awful side effects. Be careful, students.

10. The One Who Puts More Sugar Than Coffee In It

We all know that one person who has enough sugar in their coffee for a village. Spoon full after spoon full. It never ends. Can they even taste the coffee? Probably not. Are they doing this solely for energy? Probably.

11. The One Who Drinks Coffee Black

They think they are above everybody else. Oh, you don't use cream or sugar? Good for you. The rest of us don't care.

At the end of it all, coffee is what keeps us sane and alive some days.

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