Everywhere you go, someone has an iPhone. There are many struggles that come with owning an iPhone—from having your chargers break, to opening up your front camera and looking like a potato to everything in between.

1. When your phone goes from 57 percent to 32 percent in a matter of minutes.

2. Your iPhone chargers are constantly breaking, even if you just got it two weeks ago.

3. When someone who doesn't have an iPhone messages you.

4. When your phone rings in public and everyone looks at their phone because we all have the same ring tone.

5. When Siri doesn't understand what you are saying.

6. When you can't find your phone and it's on silent.

7. When you drop your phone and you're too scared to pick it up because you fear the worst: a cracked screen.

8. When you want to download "Pokemon Go" but you don't have enough storage.

9. That feeling when you make it to the charger at 1 percent: ah, success!

10. When your fingerprint doesn't work.

11. You thought about switching over to Android, but you will forever be team iPhone.