11 Iconic GIFs Of 'Orange Is the New Black'
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11 Iconic GIFs Of 'Orange Is the New Black'

Season four is right around the corner!

11 Iconic GIFs Of 'Orange Is the New Black'

Recently it was announced that the Netflix original "Orange Is the New Black" will be releasing season four on June 17th. The preview looks amazing and people can not wait until it is finally released. If you haven't watched this series, you have a few weeks to catch up before the new season! So here's some of my favorite gifs of this tv show, I highly recommend watching "Orange Is the New Black" if you haven't already.

This preview just makes me anticipate seeing the show, I have been dying to see season 4 and it is just a few weeks away!!

1. Bennett dancing.

You're lying if you don't find Bennett attractive.. And even more attractive during this flashback dancing scene.

2. Ruby Rose appearing in season 3.

Oh Ruby Rose.. The reason most people could not wait until season 3. I believe Ruby was one of the reasons Orange Is the New Black gained popularity during that season, everyone found her really attractive and wanted to watch the show to see her. Ruby is phenomenal and she fit right in with the cast.

3. Miss Rosa breaking out, and killing Vee.

When Miss Rosa was able to break free I was yelling because I was so happy and it made my night when she killed Vee. Almost if not, everyone hated Vee, she was a terrible person so when she was killed, all the viewers were thrilled.

4. Tricia Miller getting deep.

Who knew Tricia could be deep?

5. Anything Crazy Eyes says.

Crazy Eyes is probably one of my favorite characters on the show, everything she says is amusing and all the viewers love her.

6. When the entire jail broke out to jump into a lake.

The ladies were so happy to be free for just a few minutes, the smiles on their faces as they jumped into the lake were priceless.

7. Taystee getting into a fight with Flaca about her King Cone.

Yeah Flaca! It's not just ice cream, it's a chocolate vanilla swirl with cookie crunch, get your facts right.

8. Healy trying to warn Piper about lesbians

Little does Healy know, Piper used to be involved with Alex.

9. Morello breaking into her "fiancé's" house.

When someone came home I was scared for Morello, I thought she would have gotten caught being in the tub!

10. Red and Norma running after a chicken.

Don't touch Red's chicken, if you do, you'll be getting a bloody tampon sandwich for dinner that night. Props to you if you know what I'm referencing.

11. Every scene with Bennett and Daya

Forbidden love like theirs is so romantic, I loved them as a couple and their problem was well thought out when they blamed her pregnancy on porn stash.

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